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Japanese Godzilla Trailer Released

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Considering the character itself is of Japanese origin, it had been surprising to not see any Japanese versions of the Godzilla trailer.  We now have one.  It also includes some extra footage that we hadn’t seen in other versions (including an addition to the Las Vegas Strip scene, look in the distance and you’ll see the other ‘Muto’ that has been briefly seen in other trailers).


Also, Total Film recently spoke to the movie’s director, Gareth Edwards, who revealed that Godzilla’s parent company TOHO had seen the movie and gave it a big thumbs up:

“They saw it yesterday and I got an e-mail saying they thought it was fantastic!” he said. “So that was a relief.”

So the trailers have been great and the makers of the original movies love the finished product.  But most importantly, what will the die-hard fans of the King of the Monsters think of it?  We’ll find out in just a few weeks time when it’s released worldwide.

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