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Sabotage – A Film Review

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There’s nothing quite like an Arnold movie to cheer me up after a week of bad films. Sabotage sees the former Governator team up with David Ayer, writer of Training Day and writer/director of End of Watch, to tell the story of a team of DEA agents being hunted and killed after a Cartel bust. On his team are Sam Worthington, Mireille Enos, Terence Howard, Joe Manganiello and Josh Holloway, with the murders being investigated by Olivia Williams and Harold Perrineau.

Ayer’s directorial style lends itself well to the gritty nature of the story, and with Schwarzenegger in the veteran’s stage of his career, he projects an authority, world-weariness and a thousand-yard stare that could give Clint Eastwood a run for his money. The man’s own performances have been top notch since his return from the world of politics, even if the films haven’t matched the standard of his work, and this is one of his best. His team are all pretty awesome too, with The Killing star Enos and True Blood star Manganiello standing out.

I have to say, this is the nastiest, bloodiest, most unapologetically vulgar and violent film I’ve seen in a very long time. I kind of loved it. The dialogue is as graphic and explicit as can be, and those of a more sensitive disposition might do well to avoid it. This is less of a straight-up action thriller than the trailers make it look, it’s more of a murder mystery, and the crime scenes themselves are gruesome. One guy is found nailed to a ceiling with his entrails hanging out, another locked inside a Winnebago and left on a train track. There is no shortage of blood, guts and just horrifying imagery.

When the action sequences do come, they’re intense and exciting, as you might expect from the director of End of Watch. Sabotage goes a bit more outlandish, though, and again there’s no shortage of the red stuff. In the real world, car chases and shoot-outs in the street lead to civilian casualties, and Sabotage does not shy away from showing the collateral damage.

I really enjoyed Sabotage. I think you may need to be the right kind of reprobate for it, and it’s certainly not for the weak of stomach, or those sensitive to foul language, but for me, it’s the best Schwarzenegger movie since The Eraser. Very highly recommended.

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