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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Teaser Breakdown

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To the collective squeeing of the entire internet, the first teaser trailer for JJ Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its debut on Friday. You might have seen it. If not, here’s a good opportunity, as we’re going to take a look through a few key images and speculate wildly about a film which is still more than a year away. Yay!

We open with a shot of a desert planet, which I would assume is Tattooine. Home to both Luke and Anakin Skywalker, it tends to be where Star Wars trilogies get their start. A creepy voice, speculated by some to be that of Benedict Cumberbatch, but I think it’s more likely to be Andy Serkis, says “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?” Then this fella pops up;


This is our first look at John Boyega, best known for Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block (2011). At 5’9″, he may be a little short for a Storm Trooper! He may be wearing the uniform as a disguise, a la Luke and Han in Star Wars, but I also like the rumour that he’s going to be playing a repentant Storm Trooper who goes on the adventure as a form of redemption. Certainly, he looks under duress here. Can’t wait to see why there’s a lone Storm Trooper in the Tattooine desert without his helmet.


Haters gonna hate. I have no idea who this little dude is but I love him to bits already. The head-piece looks very similar to that of the astromech droids like R2D2. Interestingly, in the background there appear to be some broken pod-racer engines. Seemingly, the sport lacks the popularity it had during The Phantom Menace. I don’t expect many references to the Star Wars prequels in these, but that one was quite cute.


I absolutely love the redesigned Storm Trooper helmets. Hopefully they’ve had some target practice in the intervening 30 years. These shots in their drop-ship are very JJ Abrams, a lot of hand-held work, whereas the majority of the trailer has the more classical, wider compositions which evokes George Lucas’ style on the original Star Wars. The slightly prominent one in the middle looks a bit shorter than the rest. Could he be John Boyega?


Next up we get a look at our female lead, Daisy Ridley, as she speeds off on a giant Magnum. Joking aside, I really like this shot; evokes both Luke’s landspeeder from Star Wars and Leia on the speedbike from Return of the Jedi. Also, you can tell she’s physically on the thing; if this were the prequels, she’d be sat on a green pommel horse and the speeder would be added in later. There’s a lot of speculation that Ridley is going to be playing Han and Leia’s daughter, someone who’s force-sensitive and a potential Jedi apprentice for her uncle, Luke Skywalker. Can’t deny, I love the idea of this new series being led by a female Jedi.

forceawakensteaser6 forceawakensteaser7

Next up we get Oscar Isaac, looking very like Denis Lawson in his X-Wing. Would be very cool if his character’s surname was Antilles. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the third lead, along with Boyega and Ridley. Big couple of years for Isaac, as he follows flying his X-Wing with battling the X-Men as Apocalypse. The shot of three X-Wings skimming across either a lake or an ocean on an unidentified planet is absolutely gorgeous.


As this hooded figures stumbles through a snowbound forest, the voice of Serkis pipes up again to say “The Dark Side, and the Light”. The figure then reveals this pretty awesome-looking lightsaber. We’ve seen design changes from the traditional, katana-esque lightsabers before, with Darth Maul’s double-ended lightsaber looking like a bo-staff and Count Dooku’s with the curved, rapier-like hilt. This seems to be continuing the new tradition of Sith Lords having new designs, with the crossguard making this look more like a European-style longsword. How practical the laser crossguard is I don’t know, but it looks cool. The wielder of this new lightsaber is probably Adam Driver, who’s long been rumoured to be the film’s main antagonist.


And finally, the great nostalgia-gasm. John William’s classic Star Wars theme bursts out, as the Millennium Falcon swings through a manoeuvre in an attempt to avoid the TIE fighters attacking it. Everything about this moment screams Star Wars, from the screams of the engines to the Empire’s terrible shooting. It’s the one real look at the past in a trailer that’s all about the new.

So that’s the Star Wars teaser. I think it looks great. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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