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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer #3 Reaction and Thoughts

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The final trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here and with it comes a flurry of questions, rumors, and theories. Who is Finn? Where is Luke? Is Rey who I think she is, and what does it all mean? We discuss these questions and more after the trailer:

Maggie N. says:

From the Star Wars databank and the first few frames of the trailer, we know that Rey is a scavenger of some sort. It appears that she has discovered the Millenium Falcon on one of her rounds on Jakku. At some point, a soldier named Finn becomes marooned on her planet after a particularly violent battle.

We then see these two characters talking to Han Solo, who is surrounded by star maps. He tells them that it’s all true: the Dark Side, the Jedi- all of it. Has their discovery of the Millennium Falcon prompted this discussion? How did they know who to go to? They blast off into hyperspace shortly after. Is it to search for Luke?

How did the Falcon end up there? I’m thinking either Han and Leia worked hard to stash it away to raise their children or handed it off to Luke. Something there doesn’t add up, though. What about finding the Falcon would prompt the search for Luke if it weren’t given to him?

It’s been discussed numerous times that Rey could be Han and Leia’s daughter while Kylo Ren is their son. So far, nothing has ruled this theory out. It’s completely possible that Kylo abandoned his home to join the Knights of Ren. Is that why Leia appears to be so upset?

Han and Leia in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Luke’s absence from both the poster and the trailer suggest that the mere sight of him would give too much away. I doubt it’s Luke delivering the “I will finish what you started” line, but it’s possible that he’s dedicated himself to his father’s work. We know that the Knights of Ren are collectors of Sith artifacts, which explains Kylo’s possession of Vader’s helmet. As a Sith enthusiast, the temptation to become protege to the son of Vader is too good to pass up.

How does Finn end up with the blue light saber? It’s likely that it’s Luke’s. I’ve seen it said that the saber was dropped in Cloud City. What is the connection there? Speculations suggest that Finn could be a distant relative to Lando (whether I believe it remains to be seen), which could explain how the saber comes into his possession and why his last name hasn’t been disclosed.

I’ve yet to understand what’s going on with Poe Dameron. We see him being tortured by Ren in one scene but then sharing an awkward moment with Finn. Time can only tell with this one.

Other thoughts:

  • Is that the Starkiller base on the poster?
  • Is that same mysterious shape the same thing Kylo is looking at in the trailer?
  • Did Luke have children? Is it possible that Rey is his child? They have their similarities.
  • If Rey is Luke’s daughter, then the entire film would be a repeat of history and Rey would be the new Luke while Luke is the new Vader.
  • Is it possible that Skywalker dies very early in the movie and sets off a chain of events?
  • Rey is crying over someone’s body in the trailer. Luke? Chewy? HAN?

Rey in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Duke says:

I think there is a lot of deliberate misdirection happening with this trailer. After JJ failed to keep Cumberbatch’s role in Star Trek secret, they are doing everything they can to conceal names and roles.

I think Rey will turn to the Dark Side. The poster has her staff in perfect parallel to Kylo Ren’s lightsabre. She appears angry in the trailer and is mourning the loss of someone. All the tropes of a potential Sith.

Finn isn’t force sensitive. The way he wields the lightsabre suggests he just happens to have it on him and uses it. Similar to Han in TESB when he cuts open the taun-taun.

A major character will die but I’m just not sure who. Han is a favourite due to his personal thoughts on Han’s journey in the OT. Luke who is massively absent from everything thus far could be the choice but there is something going on there. Did he turn the force off after ROTJ? Is he going to be some Messianic figure who comes in all deus ex machina and saves the day? Not sure.

I also don’t buy into the theories that the new actors are related to the old cast. I think they disbanded after Jedi and these kids bring them back together.

Retroprincess says:

The lack of Hamill in the trailers really is the elephant in the room. I’m assuming this is a deliberate act to generate talk about why he isn’t in the trailer.

Incidentally I saw the sabre and staff position as her being the light against the dark side. Funny how differently people interpret these things. If the Jedi are considered mythical and legendary than Luke and leia being the last remaining Jedi in ROTJ would lend itself to Rey seeking one of them out for training purposes? To find out if that’s really her ‘calling’? Or will they sense her and seek her out? Was she mourning Luke who might then force ghost for the rest of the films a bit like Obi wan? don’t think I can wait two months it’s not fair!

What did you see in the trailer? Are we on target or way off course? Share your thoughts with us and don’t forget to buy your tickets for the December 18th premiere if you haven’t already.

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