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Steal His Look: Marty McFly

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Back to the Future has it all: flying cars, hoverboards, self-tying shoes, and healthy, functioning relationships with father figures. What’s not to love? To celebrate this momentous day in history, I’d like to celebrate the part of BTTF I loved most: the wardrobe.

What always drew me to Back to the Future was Marty’s signature style. Fly was part of his name. Even for an 80s flick, Back to the Future’s sartorial choices remain surprisingly fashionable even to this day. Marty’s cuffed jeans, all-denim ensembles, bulky leather jackets, and classic sneakers can still be found in stores today. We might not be in flying cars just yet, but we’re still rocking Chuck Taylors and SBs like no tomorrow. In that sense, this movie really has withstood the test of time.

Back to the Future Footwear

The fashion industry remains inspired and loyal to many of the styles found in the franchise. The Blazer SB still comes in red and white, the updated Chuck Taylor 2.0 remains generally the same aside from an upgraded interior, and Jansport backpacks look almost the same today as they did in 1985. Although Nike put out an extremely limited edition Marty McFly hi-top several years ago, you can still get a pair of Nike Hyperdunks, which are a staple on the basketball court and look dangerously close to Marty’s 2015s.

Lexus Hoverboard
The Lexus “Hoverboard” became a reality in 2015. Was the footwear choice a coincidence?

Marty McFly Starter Pack Accessories

Steal his Look:

Although we aren’t quite turning our pockets inside out or sporting hoverboard protective gear just yet, 2015 Marty would still fit right in with today’s outerwear:

Back to the Future inspired outerwear

Steal his Look:

Looks like today’s Marty would have to have some pretty deep pockets to look as good as he did in 1985, especially when you consider what today’s DeLorean equivalent looks like. Maybe there’s a loose sports almanac from the future hanging out in a trash can somewhere…

Mercedes SLS

Steal his car (no really, steal this car):

    • Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ($221,580)

Great scott!

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