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X-Men: Days Of Future Past Final Trailer Released

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With the release of footage from the opening battle of Marvel’s Mutant Mashup (I’m still trying to make that a thing!) only a few days ago, the final trailer for DoFP has been released showing us for the first time (unless you count that US commercial for the Carl’s JR & Hardee’s restaurant chains) footage of Quicksilver in action.


Plenty of destruction in the past as well as in the future as we see the White House being blown apart and what looks like a baseball stadium being destroyed by Magneto (is he being typical evil Magneto or is it part of the plan to save the future?!?).

Looks like there is also some lighter bits in the movie and not all doom and gloom so we don’t get too depressed by seeing some of our favourite mutants fall in battle (well I don’t expect them all to make it anyways, Beast certainly doesn’t according to Wolverine at the end of the trailer!)!

Will Wolverine and co erase the terrible events of the future as well as our memories of X-Men 3??  We’ll find out next month when the film is released worldwide.



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