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Published on July 7th, 2015 | by Mica Rose


Breach & Clear: Deadline Launch Date

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Breach & Clear: Deadline Adds Co-Op, Announces Launch Date

Apocalyptic aficionados at Mighty Rabbit Studios and Gun Media, in association with Gambitious Digital Entertainment and platonic life partner and co-publisher Devolver Digital, collectively announce that the tactical top-down shooter, Breach & Clear: Deadline, emerges from its Early Access incubation on July 21st for £14.99 on Steam (currently £10.99 in EA) and with full Galaxy support on Breach & Clear: Deadline sweeps its way onto PCs featuring a new, robust co-op mode created at the behest of Early Access fans who love dropping zombies in pairs (who doesn’t?).

Breach and Clear DEADline Gambitious Digital Entertainment EGX Rezzed

After you’re shot down over an urban wasteland, you have one mission: Link up with your squad and escape the Harbor City quarantine zone in one piece. On your journeys, you can also locate and destroy the infested scourge and find the source of the ongoing parasitic infestation. Breach & Clear: Deadline challenges you to elevate your gameplay, strategizing your approach to combat and problem solving as you level up your squad, trying to survive and infiltrate deeper into a complex city using limited resources. Combine what you find exploring procedural areas with the skills you learn and be creative in your tactical approaches against the ever-mutating infested hordes.

breach and clear deadline

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Mica Rose

Mica Rose

Mica is an avid gamer and trophy hunter. She loves all things PlayStation, and spends most of her free time either playing games or talking about them!
Mica Rose
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