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Published on April 14th, 2015 | by Mica Rose


I Am Bread – Review

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The Walking Bread

Bossa Studios are not ones to shy away from extremely weird premises for their games. In fact that appears to be their bread and butter, along with frustratingly addictive gameplay which sounds so simple in theory but in practise is no picnic. I Am Bread is no different. You play as a slice of bread – yep, you read that right – whose sole purpose in loaf is to become toasted by any means necessary, preferably whilst still being edible.

I Am Bread Free Roam


There are three things to keep in mind for each level to get the highest grade possible. First off is the time; you want to make sure you get some toasty goodness fairly quickly, time is ticking away and getting the balance between speed and caution can be tricky. Then you have edibility: you start off at 100%, but along your path to the toaster (or heat source, in later levels) is a minefield of mess. From ants and mould to dirty socks and toenail clippings, you have to bypass all of these to maintain the best quality slice of bread that you can. The biggest of these obstacles however, is the floor; for every second you are on the floor, from the slightest slip or fall, the rate that you lose edibility accelerates. Once you hit 0% edibility, you fail the level. However the challenge doesn’t end when you get to the toaster, you have to ensure that you are grilled to perfection on each side. The bottom right hand corner will show what percentage of each side toasted. Hit 100% on both: perfect, go too far over that and you’ll end up with a charred mess!

I Am Bread Bathroom

Choose whatever passage floats your loaf!

I Am Bread is fun, bizarre and seriously dark. Sandwiched between each story level is a psychiatrist’s report on a man named Mr. Murton, who happens to live in the house where the bread runs amok. With each level the reports get more and more worrying; with Mr. Murton confessing his theory that a slice of bread is trashing his house to his doctor, who thinks he’s off his crust and promptly gets him sent off to a psychiatric hospital. The final story level culminates in a particularly sinister turn of events caused by the bread, there’s something about usually inanimate objects going on rampages that is just darkly hilarious.

The game doesn’t end with the slice of bread however, once you have finished the story level you’ll gain access to more game modes. You have the bagel race mode, where you must follow a track and smash plates as you go; then you can play as a baguette in rampage mode, where the aim of the game is to smash as much as possible in the time allotted;  cheese hunt mode, where you are a cracker searching for 5 pieces of stinky cheese hidden around the room, ensuring that you stay intact along the way; and finally Zero G mode, where you have to rise to the occasion and navigate objects floating around the room and control the bread with tiny rockets on each corner.

I Am Bread Cheese Hunt

Hard? Nah, it’s Swiss easy

The game keeps the content and gameplay diverse throughout each of the game modes and levels and offers a lot of replay value. Players will want to keep beating their previous scores and perfecting their paths to toasty success; it is thankfully not as frustrating as Surgeon Simulator but just as fun and definitely has the eccentric, dark humour that Bossa Studios are so very good at delivering.

I Am Bread is out now on general release on PC and iOS; you can grab a slice of the action on Steam. It doesn’t bake the bank as you can currently save some dough and get 25% off! You can also check out the trailer below.

What do you think consumers? Does this game sound like the best thing since sliced bread or is it a little crumby? Let us know in the comments!

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