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Corpse Party Blood Drive Review

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As soon as I heard Corpse Party Blood Drive was being released by Marvelous Europe on the PS Vita I got so excited! I am a huge fan of the Corpse Party series and I was really looking forward to playing the final instalment of the game, if not a little sad that it is coming to an end.

So, here is some background, Corpse Party is about a group of young students who do the Sachiko Ever After chant, as one of their classmates is leaving the school. This chant, if done correctly, is meant to bind the friends as true friends forever. However this went terribly wrong and angered Sachiko, transporting the classmates into Heavenly Host Elementary School. From this point onwards the classmates have to find each other and escape.


One thing to be very aware of before you play is that you will need to have some background knowledge of both Corpse Party, and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows. A lot of the narrative refers back to this and the events of this game follows directly after Book of Shadows. This wasn’t a problem for me as I have played the previous games, however if you are new to the franchise I definitely advise you to play the previous games first, not just because of the continuity factor but because they are brilliant games.

The new 3D graphics are brilliant and it was great to see places that I had visited in the previous games in the new shiny 3D effect. However I feel this was a double edged sword, even though I really enjoyed the new graphics I feel that the ‘Wrong End’s’ really lacked the scare that the previous games had. It is all down to personal preference but I found the static anime images scarier than the moving 3D graphic of your character meeting its grisly end.


I really like the way that when a ghost/monster is chasing you, you’re not running around aimlessly and panicking like mad, instead you can run into the nearest closet. I also like the added tension when you are in a cupboard/closet and different coloured rings appear along with your heartbeat to tell you how close an enemy is, that definitely had me gritting my teeth a few times.


The sound design and voice acting are still impeccable and make this game by far, I like that the Japanese voice and the english subtitles match really well and when you’re reading the subtitles and listening to the Japanese they flow brilliantly together and it isn’t a struggle to listen and read at the same time.

I found that at times the game was a little buggy, if I didn’t follow the general direction of the game and went back on things by accident then the game would freeze, which was a shame as I had to restart one or two times. Not a complete tragedy as it didn’t happen often and I’m sure a patch would sort it out pretty quickly.

There is a lot of narration throughout this game, so this is equally a visual novel as well as an action/horror game, personally I love visual novels so all of the narration in this was great and gave a lot of context and background which I love. The only downside to this is that there are not enough save points between the narration. I found that I would have to put my Vita on sleep when I had to get off of the train or make some dinner, instead of knowing that I would be able to save soon. This was a bit inconvenient but not a game changer. Also loading times were extremely sluggish which was disappointing as it could really throw you out of the mood of the game.

All in all, this is a great game with lots of extra features such as the 3D graphics, the surround sound (which is so very chilling), and new unlockable content. There were a few downsides but they certainly did not outweigh the plus sides of playing this game. Also you can get a great special edition set of the game which I am definitely grabbing as soon as I can.


I recommend Corpse Party Blood Drive highly, the gameplay and scares are great and it definitely keeps me on the edge of my seat. I also recommend you giving the other games a go as well if you have an original PSP lying around.

Corpse Party Blood Drive is out now for £29.99 in the shops and from the Playstation store, the limited editions start from £44.99.

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