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Published on June 16th, 2015 | by Mica Rose


E3 2015: Sony LIVEBLOG!

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Well it’s another late one for us here at Need To Consume with the Sony conference set to go live at 2 am! We’ve already had plenty of news but there’s more coming in thick and fast! We’re likely to hear more about Uncharted 4 and the Nathan Drake Collection, along with a whole host of other games, with some announced and some secret. Having just renewed the copyright for The Last Guardian, we’ve our fingers crossed that this isn’t the last we’ve seen of that enigmatic IP. After Microsoft’s rather surprising announcement that they’ll be introducing backwards compatibility for certain Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, Sony have quite the act to follow, something I’m confident they’ll pull off with the host of games I’m optimistic they’ll have on show.

Uncharted 3 drakes collection

You can watch the stream along with us as it happens, just read the updates here as they come in, or come back later once it’s all over to read at your own preferred pace of leisure. And feel free to let us know what you think either in the comments below or on Twitter to our account @NeedToConsume which will be livetweeting along as well!

2:00am BST – Curtains up for Sony

  • ‘Games and gamers come first’. But just after the long, lofty speech better suited to a board room.

2:05am BST – The Last Guardian

  • It lives!
  • Doggriffingoatthing sure is patient about that little kid constantly shouting nonsense at him.
  • It’s still a really nice art style. Though with the stream quality it’s hard to tell if it’s improved much since when it was originally intended for a PS3 release.
  • It’s a cute, different sort of game. Platforming isn’t done too much anymore, especially with the big budget titles. But how long can that gameplay last before getting a bit stale?
  • Shuhei Yoshida out of nowhere!

2:13am BST – Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • Guerilla Games’ new IP
  • Post-apocalyptic landscape reminiscent of Enslaved and The Last of Us. Nature retaking urban areas.
  • Lot of tribal imagery mixed with salvaged tech.
  • Aaaand weird alien creatures made of both nature and technology.
  • Assassin’s Creed bush stealth
  • Fight big monsters, kind of Monster Hunter-y.
  • I’ll stop comparing it to other games soon, promise.
  • Not sure if the ultimate tech monsters versus low-tech tribes of humans makes a great deal of sense to me.

2:21am BST – Hitman

  • CG trailer.
  • Agent 47 still doing his thing.
  • Just back to ‘Hitman’? Either it’s a reboot or that’s going to be one confusing chronology.
  • ‘Most ambitious Hitman ever created’. Well, they said that about Absolution too!
  • Console exclusive beta for PS4 players. (If you preorder the game)
  • Forget details, preorder now!

2:24am BST – Street Fighter V

  • Birdie and Cammy added to revealed roster.
  • July 23rd for first public beta. PS4 exclusive.

2:25am BST – No Man’s Sky

  • Glimpse of space combat.
  • It’s the zoom out thing again. See that star? You can jump to it! (With the right hyperdrive)
  • Fully destructible environments on Planet E3. (And presumably all the others as well)
  • Release date soon. (But not yet, of course.)
  • Still not convinced. Almost seems like a game made just to be shown at Sony press conferences every year.

2:33am BST – Dreams

  • New game being made by Media Molecule.
  • Focus on creation and collaboration.
  • Creating art with dreams? Or something? This is all a bit vague.
  • Sculpting, sketching, motion control with the PS4 controller.
  • Time for a trailer.
  • Lot of shifting of genres and styles.
  • But what’s the game about? Well… Find out in Paris, maybe!

2:37am BST – Firewatch

  • Console debut on PS4.
  • Mysterious!

2:39am BST – Destiny: The Taken King

  • 15th September 2015 release for big expansion.
  • Three new subclasses
  • PS4 exclusive content.
  • All about ‘Oryx’.

 2:42am BST – Assassin’s Creed Syndicate… again

  • ‘Don’t mess with Evie’.
  • Focus on the twin sister of the protagonist duo.
  • Exclusive PS4 missions, choose to play as either Jacob or Evie.

2:45am BST – World of Final Fantasy

  • Ultra cutesy. Switch between chibi babby mode and Kingdom Hearts-lookalike mode.
  • Playstation 4 and Vita in 2016.

2:47am BST – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

  • Well, I did not honestly see that one coming! Ever!
  • Coming first to PS4.
  • ‘The promise has been made’.
  • Not my favourite Final Fantasy game, but still! Maybe they’ll do FF9 afterwards.
  • Was CG, but definitely strikes a chord. Also literally with the music.
  • Alas, that’s all the information we’ve been given.

2:51am BST – Shenmue 3 Kickstarter

  • Two big surprises in a row.
  • The kickstarter is already up if you’re so inclined! (UPDATE: Initial funding of 2 million dollars has already been achieved!)
  • Not personally a Shenmue fan but this is still a pretty big deal! Sony is going hard on the games. I suppose they have to if they can’t match Microsoft’s backwards compatibility announcement.

2:53am BST – Batman: Arkham Knight

  • Guess the grace period for the Joker spoiler has passed.
  • ‘This is how the Batman died’. Yeah… we’ll see.
  • In-game footage, POV of some random police officer. Maybe the start of the game?
  • We’ll find out soon enough! Like next week soon.

2:57am BST – Morpheus VR

  • ‘Project Morpheus is real and evolving’.
  • Some already existing games going to work with Morpheus.

3:03am BST – Call of Duty: Black Ops III

  • New deal with Activision. PS4 console exclusive?
  • Robot armour/exosuits again, by the looks of things.
  • Yep, still a CoD game though.
  • 4 player campaign co-op.
  • Wall running, mechs, punching people really hard.
  • ‘Cyber abilities’. Possess a mech. Also probably other stuff, there was a wheel selection.
  • Multiplayer apparently unlike any other CoD multiplayer ‘ever’. Doesn’t show to my admittedly untrained eye, but maybe a CoD fan might appreciate it more!
  • 6th November 2015 release date.
  • PS4 get the multiplayer beta in August and first dibs on all the DLC. Not quite a console exclusive.

3:15am BST – Disney Infinity 3.0

  • Star Wars, Pixar, and Marvel.
  • Launch in the Autumn.
  • ‘Twilight of the Republic’ new adventure. Set during episodes 1-3. Everyone’s favourite episodes, right?
  • ‘Rise Against the Empire’ comes after. Based on actual Star Wars films.
  • Looks a little Lego Star Wars-y.
  • Only way to play as Boba Fett and play the Rise Against the Empire adventure before the holidays is to get a PS4 exclusive edition.

3:19am BST – Star Wars Battlefront… again

  • Hero battles are back, it sounds like! Play as the hero/villain characters and face off against one another.
  • Admiral Ackbar is your mission control. This game’s alright.
  • AT-ST brought down with… a blaster pistol. Hmm.
  • ‘Live out your fantasies’. All of them? Careful now.

 3:22am BST – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

  • ‘Playstation exclusive’. Apparently accounting for slow readers. 30 seconds worth of slow readers.
  • Nate just basking in that busy market air.
  • Oops. Bit of technical difficulty. Round two. Here we go again.
  • He remembered to move this time! Good job Nate.
  • Aaaand straight to the murderin’.
  • Nate and Sully banter still got it. Possibly a bit more dynamic and adaptive to situations?
  • Some real smooth animation, but this is definitely still an Uncharted game.
  • ‘First time driver here’. Sully might be right, I can’t think of any other time you’ve been able to drive in an Uncharted game before. Definitely not like this!

3:33am BST – End of Show

That’s it, it’s finally over. Day 2 of the E3 press conferences has come to a close, and a rather dramatic one at that! Sony obviously couldn’t match Microsoft’s big backwards compatibility announcement, but with some of the other surprises that they threw out tonight, they might just have managed to deflect that particular criticism. Word at last about The Last Guardian after years of it being stuck in limbo. A Final Fantasy 7 remaster seems to end up a wild rumour for every year of E3, so to see it actually confirmed as happening is pretty unreal! Shenmue 3 is similarly touted as one of those ‘never gonna happen’s but here we are. I don’t see that Kickstarter failing.

If we need to make a Sony versus Microsoft thing out of this, I’m not sure what to tell you. As an owner of a PS4 and not an Xbox One, my answer would probably be biased anyway. Safe to say, they both made very strong showings this year though. Especially compared last year’s lacklustre performance from… pretty much everybody. It’s just a shame that the Vita barely got more than quiet nod. It’d be a great handheld if Sony just threw some bigger games its way, but I guess that just won’t be happening.

But that’s going to do it for our liveblog tonight. We hope you got something out of his, and we hope to see you tomorrow for the final day of E3 press conferences.


See you tomorrow for the last of the E3 press conferences, starting with Nintendo’s digital event at 5:00pm BST!


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