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EGX Rezzed 2015 Roundup

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On Thursday 12th March I headed to Tobacco Dock, in London to attend EGX Rezzed, a convention for primarily indie titles on various different consoles. The venue was great, it wasn’t too rammed full of people so you could comfortably walk around, and the quality of games was amazing. There are some great titles that will be out this year and in the future.


There were two floors of the building consisting of different rooms and sections,

The ground floor contained;

  • Playstation
  • Blizzard
  • The Rezzed Sessions – These were sessions hosted by developers and other gaming folk about a variety of topics such as; virtual reality, game story material…etc
  • Devolver
  • Cool 2U
  • Indie Room
  • Team17
  • Rising Star
  • GamesIndustry Fair – This was where you could talk to people within the gaming industry about ways to break into the industry and jobs that are available
  • Total War
  • AreaNet
  • Green Man Gaming and ROTO
  • XBOX

The vaults contained;

  • Board Games
  • LeftField Collection
  • BAFTA Game Awards

This convention is brilliant for gamers of all walks of life whether they be developers, story-tellers, or gamers in general, this event has something for everyone. The talks and careers fair is especially useful for someone interested in getting into the industry. I also found that I could talk to the developers easily and ask them what inspired their idea for the game that they are showing and how it was made, I found this especially good as all of the developers were more than happyto have a chat, and you could feel the passion that they had for their product, which personally made me even more excited for the release of their game.

Below are a handful of games that really jumped out at me at EGX and I feel will be really successful when released;



Amplitude started out as a sequal to Frequency on the PS2. This rhythm based action game jumped out at me in the Playstation room with its fast gameplay and crisp, bright visuals I had to give it a try. This game rose to fame recently with it’s KickStarter project raising more than £800,000, way more than it’s £775,000 target. The developers at Harmonix Music wanted to make sure that there was a demand for it and the support was shown from it’s huge fan base. The main aim of Amplitude is to reach the end of a song using the buttons of your game pad as notes. You control the space ship in the game flying down a series of paths, these paths represent elements of the song these include percussion, keyboard, guitar…etc. You press buttons on your game pad in time to the rhythm and then the song takes over, the path disappears, and you move the spaceship to another path and carry on the song. Amplitude is really fun, and the colourful visuals and game play attracts me to this a lot. It’s being released at some point in 2015, no definite date as of yet, but very excited!

Crystal Rift

Crystal Rift 1

I have never tried the Oculus Rift before, and if you do not know what one is it is shown in the picture above, it is a virtaul reality headset which fully immerses you in a game environment as if you are actually inside it. Let me tell you, this thing is awesome! I didn’t think it would work as well as people have said, but wow it really does immerse you fully into the environment. I experienced this in a game, again funded by KickStarter over their initial funding which is brilliant, called ‘Crystal Rift’. This dungeon crawler game has been built using Unity and will be available for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR. This will also be available to play 2D as well on Windows, IOS and Linus. I had a great conversation with Nick Pittom and John Hibbins who developed the game, they told me that they have received brilliant feedback for the game and see virtual reality as the new big thing for the game industry. I played a demo level that they created specifically for the event, and it was mind blowing. They had someone on hand to help just in case anyone felt motion sickness which was handy, and she also showed everyone the controls on a game pad and how the headset worked. As soon as the headset and earphones were placed on my head it’s as if I was inside the game, I moved my head and I could look around the dungeon, as I moved forward a scary face jumped out at me, I obviously squeaked and jumped out of my seat, it was crazy. I must admit I did feel a little motion sickness afterwards, but I am short sighted so that might have something to do with it. I think if I tried it a few more times I would have gotten used to it. Thankfully Nick told me that the jump scares could be turned off for people with a bit more of a nervous disposition, which I thought was a great feature. All in all, what I have seen so far, this game is really good and has all of the elements that make dungeon crawlers so great but with the added bonus of actually being in the game. I’m looking forward to this games completion which Nick assured me should be very soon.

Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Kirry Powers

I wrote a small piece about the announcement of Magic Notion and Mastertronic’s Kitty Powers Matchmaker only a little while a go and now I got to actually play the game which was brilliant. A quick summary of what the game is about is, you are the manager of a dating agency and you have to join people together who you feel are the best match for one another. You then go on the dates with them, and play a variety of mini games which determine whether the date is successful or not. Some parts of the game which I found really fun were the decisions that you made on dates such as food choices at restaurants which could make the date better or worse, and the fact that you can unlock salons and other places in the game, so that if one of the daters doesn’t like the other daters hair you could take them to the salon to change it. I found this game has many more layers than most dating games and is really funny with the added humour of Kitty Powers popping up every now and again to give you advice. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker is released on Steam in Spring and the app (without Kitty’s voice over)  is already available on IOS and Android.

Not A Hero

Not a Hero

Another game that I wrote a short piece for is Devolver Digital and Roll7’s Not A Hero. This game is a cover based shooter following professional assassin, Steve, who has been told by an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future called ‘BunnyLord’  to rid the streets of crime so that a he can win re-election. I absolutely love this game, I love the look, I love the story, I love it and can not wait to get my hands on the full copy. Whilst I was at EGX I got to play some of the game and also a new tutorial that the team had just implemented, John Ribbins (developer of the game) left me to it to see how I got on with the new tutorial. It was great! It had objectives, as does every level, and introduced me to the main mechanics of the game, consisting of shooting, cover, and sliding to trip enemies. I managed to have a quick chat with John and he explained to me something which I found really interesting and really funny, that Bunnylords dialogue is randomly generated. This means that he had to tone down some of the auto generated words as Bunnylord had a bit of a potty mouth sometimes, a brilliant bit of dialogue i experienced was ‘you are a frog-hero of justice’ ah why thank you Bunnylord how you flatter thee. John also showed me that the music playing on the levels are created by a xylophone and you can play your own tune using keys on your keyboard. The colours, the visuals, the gameplay, and the story are so fun and I can see a lot of my left being spent on this game. It is out on Steam on PC and Mac in May and later on in the year for PS4 and PSVita.

Sky Scrappers

Sky Scrappers 1

Sky Scrappers by GroundShatter is a  vertically scrolling fighting platform game. You have to jump and fight your way to the top of a skyscraper being demolished, using bits of debris and the skyscraper itself, you then aim to jump faster and higher up the sky scraper than your opponents and also fight them sending them flying to the bottom of the screen which causes them to lose life. Ash, Kai Oliver the game designer, and I played the game and it was great fun, the art style is very anime and so are the characters mannerisms and behavior when fighting, which is really well done. You can have up to three other people as well as yourself playing, which is great if your mates are coming round. I even beat Kai…only once though. I had a short chat with Kai afterwards and he told me that when the game is released later this year it will have a story mode which I am really looking forward to. Sky Scrappers will be released later this year on the PS4, XBOX One, and PC.



Dex is a 2D openworld cyberpunk RPG by games developer Dreadlock LTD . This game is visually stunning, the graphics are hand drawn and one of the developers explained to me that the smallest changes made to the graphics in this game have to be hand drawn and implemented all over again, which is obviously a long process but shows how dedicated they are to the look and feel of this game. Dex is side scrolling and the game play is around 12-15 hours long if you include all side quests and exploration. The game started out as a Kickstarter, and greatly exceeded (more than doubled!) in funding , due to this it met a stretch goal which is to release on the WiiU. A clever addition to the game which really impressed me is that to add extra abilities and skills to your character you can get cyber implants. Dex was released on Steam as early access last year and by purchasing this you can watch the game grow and develop, you can also report any glitches or bugs that you might spot. The team are from all across the world, one of the developers I spoke to was french and the other Czech, and their story writer is from the UK, so it really is a very multicultural team full of great talent. Dex is being released on Windows, Mac, Linuz, and Ouya. You can get the early release on Steam now. I can’t wait to see the finished game.

I hope you enjoyed some of my highlights of EGX Rezzed. What were your favourite games at the event? Feel free to leave comments below and keep consuming!

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