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Heavy Bullets Review

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GameHeavy Bullets

DeveloperTerri Vellmann

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Platform: Steam and Humble

Release Date: 18/9/14

Price: $9.99/£6.99


A fluorescent pink dungeon crawling first person shooter with a twist, you have a pistol and 6 bullets, how long can you last?

Created by Brazilian developer Terri Vellmann, this game is definitely no walk in the park. It’s a trippy, colourful, strategy game, proving a struggle to at least get through 3 minutes of gameplay without dying. The audio and music is by Doseone, if you want to listen to some more of his music just click here for his Soundcloud page.

The story line is explained at the beginning of the game with a digital conversation about a security mainframe on Level 8 needing to be reset and if you are successful in doing so you can get a $5000 reward.

I died a lot in this game…and I mean a lot. Death is permanent so there is no ‘Die on level 7 and you go back to the beginning of level 7’ you have to go all the way back to the beginning. However you can save money and items at bank tellers which you can find on each level of the game.

heavy bullets

You only have 6 bullets to begin with and by killing enemies you have to pick up the bullet that you shot them with, you can also use money from killing these enemies to buy bullets, bombs, health, and various other items. However you can only carry one item at a time so you have to choose pretty carefully, but if you find a backpack then it’s your lucky day and you are able to carry an array of items.

heavy bullets

There are a lot of different enemies including snakes hiding in the grass (which blend into all of the colours so you never end up spotting the bloody things), security drones which are meant to be protecting the surrounding area but have now turned against you because of the malfunction on Level 8, and other aggressive creatures, they jump out at you so quickly you really have to be quick on the draw to shoot them, thankfully it’s only a one bullet kill. You do have to make sure that your aiming is perfect and you have reloaded otherwise you could see yourself in a rather frustrating situation…of dead.

There are 8 levels in all and you enter each level by dropping through a green hatch, some features of the game include;

– 15 enemies and 2 bosses

– Over 30 items with unique effects

– 8 levels that gradually change as the player progresses

For the game developers and techies out there Heavy Bullets was made in Unity, with Playmaker and 2dToolKit add-ons. Blender was used for the models. BFXR and Ableton Live for the audio.

All in all I found this game really hard, and less rewarding than most dungeon crawlers that I have played.  The AI of the enemies are quite clunky and also there is a serious lack of story. However this game is quite fun, even if the game play does get very samey after a while and there aren’t any seriously different environments to explore.

If you are a big fan of dungeon crawlers, have some seriously fast reflexes and epic patience then ‘Heavy Bullets’ is definitely for you. You can purchase it on Steam and Humble for $9.99/£6.99 on 17/9/14


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