Published on August 6th, 2015 | by Duke Of Havoc


Lego Marvel’s Avengers Announcing Some Awesome New Characters!

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Hint: they aren’t men! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced some new characters from the sequel to the frankly brilliant Marvel Lego Superheroes. In Lego Marvel’s Avengers, the focus will be on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in particular Marvel’s The Avengers and Marvel’s The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, There will be more but WB are keeping their lips tightly sealed at the moment.

Marvel and comics as a whole are going through a real change at the moment. There is more and more demand for a change from the usual white boys club in comics which has pretty much been the default for the last 75 years or so. This is obviously met with some resistance by those who don’t want things to change but if we want comics and the offshoot mediums to grow and thrive, we need more inclusive characters. That is why it was so great to see the addition of Kamala Khan aka Ms Marvel and Jane Foster’s Thor. Their comic titles have performed well and the characters have been a big hit with those who have felt a little under represented in comics.

Aan exclusive UK retailer will be announced very soon, where consumers can pre-order their copy and receive an exclusive Silver Centurion Iron Man LEGO minifigure, which is one of the many suits that will be playable in LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers. The minfigure will ship along with the game for online customers; in-store customers will receive at time of purchase at the exclusive UK retailer while stocks last.