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Not A Hero Review

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I have already written a couple of articles about Roll7 and Devolver Digital’s ‘Not A Hero’ before, one press release with a description of what the game is about and a rough release date, and the second being a snippet about the game and creators who I met at EGX Rezzed.

‘Not A Hero’ is a cover based shooter, you start off as a professional assassin called Steve and you can then change up your characters as you play the game and complete more and more missions and side missions, these characters can help you in certain situations. Your character has been told by an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future called ‘BunnyLord’  to rid the streets of Bogdan in Vodkaville and all the crimes that he is creating to sabotage him, so that he can win re-election.


I love the fact that the characters have their own personalities, skills, and even…accents. The first two characters you unlock at the beginning of the game are Steve and Cletus. Steve’s best qualities include; being cockney, good range, Bunny Lord’s best friend, slide tackle enemies, fast reloads, and accurate. Cletus’ best qualities include; slow reloads, blow enemies backwards, pretends to be Scottish, shoot to interrupt reload, and shoot doors open.

As I mentioned in my last snippets of information about the game, parts of Bunnylord’s vocabulary is automatically generated, I remember the developers mentioning that they were a little concerned as some of the words that were generated were quite rude, so they have popped a little bunny head to censor certain naughty words, which is a really good idea, and means they aren’t censoring their game or sense of humor too much.

As soon as you start the game you are met with a barrage of colour. Pinks, blues, and purples make up most of the colour scheme in this game, as well as the red blood from all the shootings, and it’s great, it grabs your attention,and most importantly its so fun!


The gameplay is pretty simple and easy, however the game itself isn’t easy at all, it’s quite challenging, which is another good quality. You basically run around, dodging, sliding, shooting, and doing some great execution kills which are fun. I like the fact that getting through each level is not the only thing to consider, you are given side missions as well which you do to then unlock other characters in the game and pass the levels successfully. I absolutely love the endings of each level, they’re colourful and crazy.


The humor is another great factor in this already awesome game. The auto-generated speech really makes for some interesting reading during the cut scenes after levels and the explanations at the beginnings of levels.


I LOVE this game! I really do. The gameplay, the story, the humor, the colours, the graphics, everything about this game ticked all of the boxes for me.

You can grab this absolute gem of a game on Steam and GOG for £9.99 and the special edition for £14.99 out today!

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