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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by Mica Rose


PlayStation Plus August 2014

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After a long wait Sony have finally announced the free games available on PlayStation Plus for August; there’s a rather eclectic mix this month, promising something for everyone and every console. Here’s what’s on offer: First up we have LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 (Vita). It’s a great addition to the LEGO series, and a scaled down version of the full PS3 game. It’ll have all your favourite characters from the much loved books and movies, each with their own abilities which come in handy at different points in the story. This isn’t the first time a LEGO game has been included on the instant game collection, and I certainly hope it’s not the last. They’re great little games that appeal to all ages and I highly recommend giving this one a go! Metrico If the brick boy wizard isn’t your Vita’s cup of tea, perhaps Metrico is. It’s a brand new release described by its creators Digital Dreams as an ‘infographics action game’ so it may be time to dust off your maths skills and think back to the graphs and charts section! Not much is known about the game, as it’s not available yet and will be making its debut on PlayStation Plus. Proteus Proteus is an interesting choice for PlayStation 3. It’s an indie game, where the player explores the randomly generated environment around them in first person. There’s no storyline or end goal in the game, it’s just designed for the player to wander around the world and discover different objects and animals. The soundtrack also changes and adapts to the player’s movements, adding to the games rather unique gameplay experience. There’s also a triple A title available for PlayStation 3 players in the form of Crysis 3. A sandbox first person shooter set in the futuristic New York City of the year 2047 – now encased in a dome designed to quarantine the area and protect the citizens. You play as Prophet, who is trying to uncover the truth and seek revenge against the Ceph, an alien race attempting to take control of the world. Fez For PlayStation 4 we have Fez, an indie platformer which first appeared on the Xbox 360 but made its way to Sony consoles last year. You play as 2D Gomez, who after donning a red fez (giving the game its name) navigates the 3D world in his 2D form by rotating the environment in order to progress. We also have the yet to be released Road Not Taken, a puzzle game set in an enchanted forest where you play a Ranger and your mission is to save lost children. The biggest threat in the game is the environment around you, and in order to succeed you’ll need to put your strategic skills to the test. Like Proteus, each game is randomly generated, meaning Google will be little help if you get stuck, however, the developers promise that failing in the game is all part of the journey to master it. What do you think consumers? Will you be playing anything from Plus this month and what are you hoping for in September? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook!

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