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Published on November 12th, 2015 | by Ninjette Natasha


Pokémon TGC: XY Ancient Origins

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Pokémon TGC: XY Ancient Origins came out August 24th with two decks Iron Tide which has steel and water Pokémon and a shiny Metagross, and the Stone heart deck with fighting and leaf and a shiny Regirock.


There are 90 new cards in total in the new expansion, these include 14 full-art Pokémon-EX cards, including three new Mega Evolution Pokémon, Mega Tyranitar-EX, Mega Ampharos-EX, and Mega Sceptile-EX and Shiny versions of Primal Kyogre-EX, Primal Groudon-EX, and Mega Rayquaza-EX. This link shows all of the cards that are available in this new expansion for you to collect.

There are also half art cards, two special energy cards and 14 new trainer cards, including a full art trainer card.


The main difference in the Ancient Origins expansion and also in the Primal Clash expansion is the edition of Ancient Traits. These traits always work no matter if the oppositions Pokémon isn’t effected by that Pokémon or if there are any effects in play that would prevent abilities, as Ancient Traits are not abilities. The Ancient Trait is displayed at the top of the card and the rest of the card has really nice art work of the Pokémon itself.

Some of these Ancient Traits can range from ‘Recovery’ – where HP is doubled when the Pokémon is healed, to Growth – where you can add an energy card from your hand to your Pokémon.

These Ancient Traits can really come in handy and completely change the game play in your or your opponents favour, so I really like the way this can shake things up a bit.


I really enjoyed using the Ancient Origins expansion and I feel that I can add a lot of these cards and the methods used in the new game to my custom made decks.

All in all I definitely recommend grabbing either a deck or some boosters to experience some of the new features and the gorgeous art cards and shinys that come exclusively with the Ancient Origins expansion.

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