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Zombie Army Trilogy Review

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“Germany 1945. Forced into one last unholy gamble, Adolf Hitler unleashed a legion of undead super soldiers that has all but wiped Europe from it’s history books…..Welcome to Zombie Army Trilogy!”

Fresh from the loins of Rebellion Developments, a British computer game company famed for titles such as Sniper Elite and Alien vs Predator, Zombie Army Trilogy features remastered versions of Sniper Elite: Zombie Army 1 and 2 along with their new 3rd instalment of the campaign.

Shoot, hack, explode and slash your way through 15 missions across 3 campaigns either in single player or cooperatively with up to 3 additional players.

Zombie Army Trilogy Characters

Fight as elite sniper, Karl Fairburne or one of 8 playable heroes including 4 new female characters, armed with over 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps

In true Elite Sniper fashion the infamous x-ray kill cam is utilised to its full gory potential allowing you to see your bullets fired at the enemy in slow motion before shattering the bones and exploding the rotting organs of the zombie.  The high graphical detail along with the excellent ballistic physics of a bullet penetrating a body makes for a somewhat satisfying kill and also a reason for the title to only be available on next gen consoles and pc, sorry ps3 and xbox 360 players, this is destined to stay in 1080p!

Zombie Army Kill Cam

Yes…Yes…Yes…Oh Yes!!!

The gameplay starts off fairly gently with a basic progressive “this is the button you press” tutorial but very soon the amount of enemy quickly becomes overwhelming as you hold off hordes of zombies as they attempt to strike, maim and eat you, coming from all directions.  You must think tactically, planting trip wire bombs and land mines in optimal locations, anticipating each attack, where to take cover next, searching the bodies of deceased zombies for more ammo as you snipe, shotgun and pistol your way through to each checkpoint with your three guns.  There is certainly never a dull moment within the game and the amount of weapons that you can find seem bountiful however once the waves begin it is easy for panic to ensue and your carefully thought out plans go out of the window.

Zombie Trilogy Fight

Ammo is limited, use it wisely!

The option of playing Zombie Army Trilogy in 3D is a brilliant idea.  Instantly you are swallowed into the atmospheric arena, blood splatters across the screen while the sense of depth really draws you in.  Unlike Call of Duty, which I struggled to play in 3D without wanting to vomit or have an aneurysm after 5 minutes, the 3D mode here does not seem to give you any motion sickness, even when looking down the swaying sight of your springfield rifle.  Another awesome option is to play in “news-reel” mode, this adjusts the colourful graphics into moody black and white with the onscreen HUD using red to show you what weapon you currently have selected.  The feel of a 1940’s horror epic captivates you and played like this with all of the lights off in the room makes it very easy to jump at certain moments just when you think all is safe.  Try playing the game in Brutal Horde mode, facing wave after wave of relentless zombies while in “news-reel” mode!

Zombie Army Death Awaits

The aim of the game? Don’t become the next skeleton!

Having been a fan of the Sniper Elite games and lost countless evenings with friends playing the zombie mode of Call of Duty, I found Zombie Army Trilogy to be a horrific, fun, gory and atmospheric escape from the real world.  The vast array of weapons, morbid excitement of precisely dismembering zombies along with the sinister happiness that fulfils you as body parts explode across your screen thanks to a sneaky trip wire bomb make for an enjoyable, must have game.

Zombie Army Trilogy is out now on PS4, XBone and PC via Steam.

Want to see more? Check out the trailer below mein fuhrer!

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