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Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn, Released March 13th

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Merge Games, an independent video game publisher and distributor based in Manchester and Finnish-based development company Still Running are proud to present their new indie zombie game ‘Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn’ on Steam.


In most games the main aim is to get to the end of the story, however, this 2D zombie shoot-em-up’s main aim is to survive for as long as possible under frantic conditions and hordes of enemies. When killing zombies you earn money and can buy a wide variety of weapons such as a chainsaw, katana, mini-gun and an RPG. You will also need money to open doors so that you can reach different areas of the map, there are four maps in the game.

By surviving longer in the game you gain more loot, weapons, and accessories as well as ZKW points which will buy you weapons, perks, and new maps. there is also a customisation mode where you can customise your character and your weapons. Your zombie killing, gore filled fun doesn’t have to end when you shut down your PC, you can also play on the go with an Android device.

As well as a single player option there is an up to four player multiplayer option. A great feature which is available on the PC version of the game available on Steam, is the ability to be able to create your own maps for the game and share them with the community online. This is an exciting feature for a retro looking game and that I’m sure will create a buzz.


Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn is scheduled for release on March 13th for PC on Steam – £4.99 €5.99 $6.99 (



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