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Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Edition – Review

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Rising from the depths of the Norse ground, meet your new gruesomely outrageous zombie friends in Zoink’s new hack and slash game Zombie Vikings.

A year and a half in the making, written by webcomic author/illustrator Zach Weinersmith, and from the creators of last years’ indie hit “Stick it to the Man!”, Zombie Vikings is a much welcomed comedic gorefest of fun.

Slash slash slash some more

We’ve got a bleeeeeeeeeeeder!!!

As the game loads you are treated to a graphically rich and intriguing animated introduction whereby Loki steals Odin’s magic eyeball from his socket using the beak of a crow and runs off with it, prompting Odin to summon four zombie warriors from the ground to search the realm and reclaim his eye.  As grotesque as the introduction story sounds, the cartoon antics and dialogue are very much tongue in cheek, a theme that carries on throughout the game and pretty much had me in stitches at times.

The gameplay is a sideways scrolling brawler, similar in many ways to The Behemoth’s “Castle Crashers”, whereby you have the choice of playing either on your own or cooperatively via local or online play.  I must admit, I always salute games that have an element of local play, especially in my household as it allows for family and friends to enjoy time together, promoting co-operation, and oh so many arguments that you thought you would never have!

stabby stab stab

For the last time! PUT US DOWN!!!!!

Zombie Vikings is spread across 8 beautifully conjured up worlds from the atmospheric gingerbread swamps of Molgaga to the haunting intestines of the Midguard Serpent that allows for over 25 levels, side missions of epicness and 5 all against all arenas for some good old fashioned friendly fighting to the death. To help battle your way through the hordes of enemy ranging from menacing maggots to sword wielding Vikings you can  select your champion from four zombie Vikings, each with their own unique personality, skills and special power moves.  Ladies and gentleman, I give you the fearsome Gunborg, Hedgy, Seagurd and Caw-Kee!

Zombie Viking Chars

Zombie Vikings Assemble!!!!!

As you attempt to smash your way through the levels, the characters’ personalities begin to come through as they wittily comment on events happening in the game and reference modern day cultures such as the Twilight saga and Instagram.  The voice acting for each character is brilliant and adds greatly to the enjoyment of the game, constantly making you laugh as the lovable zombie Vikings come out with jokes and puns.

I must say that I loved the way when playing cooperatively that should your character’s health deplete, your head pops off onto the floor.  The only way to be brought back to life is for another player to stab your head onto their sword and throw it back at your body.  While you lay there in a 2 parts on the floor you can grab your fellow player’s attention by projectile vomiting from your severed head across the screen exorcist style.  While we are talking about body parts being stitched back together, there are also several moments throughout the game whereby the 4 zombie Vikings stitch together to become a giant super zombie, rampaging through the world, making short work of anybody and anything in their way. I found this a genius touch as all players must carry on moving and attacking in order for the mega zom to continue its bloodthirsty path.

Zombie Vikings

Tentacles ahoy! Seagurd calls upon the power of the octopus!

To enhance the character’s abilities and ultimately the amount of devastation that you can cause to your foe, coins collected by smashing chests and enemies can be traded within the shop to purchase better weapons and magical runes.  Fancy one of the 40 unlockable weapons? Do you see yourself wielding a Stinknir or Blunt Fish Trauma sword? Or would you like a rune specific to your character to boost their health or cause greater damage from behind?  Then the shop is the haven for all these dreams to come true and upset the enemy!

In conclusion, Zombie Vikings is a fun, amazingly animated game with a brilliantly witty storyline and narrative.  The action packed levels, crazy side missions and insane versus arenas will have you forever striving to unlock awesome items and trophies as you attempt to retrieve Odin’s magical eyeball and bring justice to Loki!

The digital version is available from the PlayStation store now for £15.99 and is scheduled to come to the Nintendo Wii U and Steam shop for PC in Winter.

A physical version of Zombie Vikings: Ragnarök Edition, published by Rising Star Games, is released for the PS4 on November 6th and comes with these additional features: 5 bonus versus arenas an unlockable “making of” zombie video and 2 extra playable characters, namely Stick it to the Man’s Raybjörn and a new zombie found in the ice called Frostbjörn.

So, are you ready for your Zombie Viking mission?





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