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Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Dapper Dan


3Bods1Pod – Episode 71 – E3-e-i-o

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Welcome to the (belated) Episode 71 of 3Bods1Pod.

Dan has been playing The Witcher 3; The Rewitchening (OK, it’s actually subtitles “The Wild Hunt” but The Rewitchening sounds funnier) and staring aghast at the product placement in Jurassic World.

Chris has been slogging through the latest DLC for Destiny and finishing off Game Of Thrones season 5.

In Fee’s absence, the boys went a bit game-crazy and covered all the news that caught their eyes at the recent E3 show in the USA.

Doom! Fallout 4! Dishonored 2! Final Fantasy 7! (Finally!) It’s all in this week’s show. Let our melifluous tones percolate in to your ears, like the honey dripping from figs into a bacchanalian reveler’s mouth.

The Pod will be back later this week, with your usual dose of geek news and chat. As always, if you want to contact any of the bods, they’re on Twitter, either on the show’s account: 3Bods1Pod or their individual accounts:

Dapper Dan – IT drone by day; Comics, TV, Tabletop booster by night.

Chris – Games guru and movie maven

Fee – Action Librarian and Marvel uber-fan.

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