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Published on July 8th, 2015 | by Dapper Dan


3Bods1Pod – Episode 73 – Something, Something, 80’s TV reference

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Welcome back to thelatest episode of 3Bods1Pod. The pod with the bods! Although that’s kind of obvious, given the name.

This week:

POW! Dan reveals he HAS bought a Secret Wars tie-in after all, albeit by accident. Oops.

KA-BLAM! Fee tells us which Oscar-nominated film so bored her to tears that she turned it off after 40 minutes, despite it having Channing Tatum in a leotard.

WHAMMO! Chris finally finishes his 30 in 30 and starts watching the (sadly shortlived) TV adaptation of Douglas Adams’ work: Dirk Gently

In the Newsroom:

We take a look ahead to the big film and TV previews we expect to see at SDCC, positing the Christmas double-bill of Abrams/Tarantino as an ideal way to avoid family.

Fee wraps our coverage of Marvel’s All-New All-Different relaunch, with arguably the two books she was most eager for. (Surprise, it’s Amazing Spider-Man by Dan Slott and the new Hawkeye book, RE-relaunched after only 5 issues, by Jeff Lemire)

Chris discusses the latest HALO 5 news and an interesting development for Minecraft that might get more people playing the smash mine’n’build simulator.

The Pod will be back next week, with your usual dose of geek news and chat. As always, if you want to contact any of the bods, they’re on Twitter, either on the show’s account: 3Bods1Pod or their individual accounts:

Dapper Dan – Pun-slinger by day. Comics, TV, Tabletop booster by night.

Chris – Games guru and movie maven

Fee – Action Librarian and Marvel uber-fan.

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Dapper Dan
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