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Published on March 20th, 2015 | by Fee McBee


3Bods1Pod Episode 60 LSCC 2015 Special

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This week sees the team fresh back from LSCC 2015. Whilst everyone else seems to have managed to escape unscathed, poor Fee managed to catch the dreaded con flu. Before she was struck down, she read the new Howard the Duck series by Zdarsky and Quinones and watched the British film drama ‘71.

Dapper dug out his Playstation 3 to play Kingdoms of Amalur and had a bit of a freak out over how good comic-based TV is just now. Except for the new Powers show, that is…

Rob has been mostly watching terrible films (Dapper’s words) including The Dark Backward, Cougar Cult and Ghastly Love Of Johnny X.

The news this week includes the Rafael Albuquerque Batgirl cover controversy, Wonder Woman’s new costume and Erik J Larsen’s subsequent reaction to modern costume redesigns, the newly announced all-male Ghostbusters film, the Spider-Man Renew Your Vows story and Secret Cinema showing the Empire Strikes Back.

The team then round things off with a chat about LSCC and what they got up to.

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