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Published on April 3rd, 2015 | by Fee McBee


3Bods1Pod Episode 61: Rage of Secret Wars

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This week Fee, Chris and Dapper take control of the good ship 3 Bods and bring you all the week’s comic, TV, film and games news.

Fee has been watching the brilliant and underrated show Banshee and getting excited about her Marvel Select Hawkeye/Pizza Dog figure. She’s also been reading the newly-released Marvel OGN, Rage of Ultron. Chris has been playing Alto’s Adventure and a bit of Halo as well as binging on Community whilst Dapper has been playing Lego Batman 3 and questioning Marvel’s post-Secret Wars plans. 

The talk of Secret Wars then leads us into the news and a quick round up of the newly announced Secret Wars titles.  Other news this week includes: Stuart Immonen taking over art duties on Star Wars, the release date for Halo 5, the return of the X-Files, the casting news for the new Flash/Arrow spin-off, Hugh Jackman hanging up his Wolverine claws and the BAFTA Game Awards. 

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