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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by Duke Of Havoc


Episode 31 Star Wars Babble On

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On the show this week: Duke and Kia talk about Hollywood Babble On coming to UK shores and how Kevin Smith bent his NDA enough to bring us some big Star Wars news.

They then go through listeners guilty pleasures left for us over on our Facebook page and are rocked to the core by one listener’s choice of guilty pleasure. What ever could it be?

To finish off they talk about the upcoming LFCC event in London and the planned Need To Consume meet up on Saturday night!

Event details here: http://www.needtoconsume.com/lfccparty

Lady Noctis Charity Page: http://www.needtoconsume.com/Baldy

Duke Of Havoc

Duke Of Havoc

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  • Richard Mark Bradley

    Yep. And frankly, a Hudson Hawk fan has no leg to stand on…

    • Duke Of Havoc

      You’re going to take the moral high ground when your defence is Batman and Robin?! Good day, Sir!

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