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Published on January 22nd, 2015 | by Duke Of Havoc


Episode 54 – Comics In 2015

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It’s a new year and time for the Bods to talk about what they are looking forward to in 2015. In the second of three specials, the Bods talk about what’s coming up in the world of comics in 2015.

With both Marvel and DC promising world-shaking developments in their big crossovers, the stage is set for more multiversal shenanigans and surprises than you can shake a wormhole at!

Marvel are coming at you with Secret Wars, DC with Convergence. We discuss the merits of these and what we think their respective outcomes might be.

Resident Pod Web-head Fee discusses the mysterious “Renew Your Vows” teaser from Marvel. Are we seeing the return of not only Peter and MJ’s marriage, but their long-missing child, too?

One of Duke and Dapper’s favourite books wraps this year; how are the Bods dealing with imminent Fables withdrawal symptoms?

Fan and critic fave Hawkeye is being relaunched under current Green Arrow scribe Jeff Lemire’s penmanship. What does Fee think of the new creative team? Will Dapper be able to cope with a Hawkeye comic coming out monthly?

Image arguably won 2014 with their impressive line-up of books, covering so many genres that they had something for everyone. What was announced at Image Expo, and what are the Bods looking forward to the most?

Rat Queens is set to return with its’ new artist Stepan Sejic. Will it continue to gain momentum as the most popular fantasy comic on shelves?

Last year he died, this year he’s fighting the Predator and getting a relaunch from two big-name creators. Is 2015 the year for Archie?

All this and more, in Episode 54! (Finished on a rhyme for you lot, get in!)

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