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Published on August 20th, 2014 | by Duke Of Havoc


Episode 37 The Return of The Bod

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The epic return of the 3 Bods! Yes, it hasn’t actually been that long but it feels like forever! The episode the Bods talk about their week and then bring you the latest geek news.

This is a new format I wanted to try out. You can follow along the different things we talk about and I’ve even included links to the news or products we talk about. If you want to leave us a comment, feedback or ask us a question, you can do so via our Facebook page  or on Twitter. Too much, informative or pointless? You are the Consumers after all.

Nine Worlds 2014 


Dapper’s Gorgeous Mondo Poster


LEGO DeLorean


Sex Criminals Volume 1 Trade


Black Widow Volume 1 Trade


 New Stormtrooper Helmets?

wpid-jt-sun wpid-st-helmet

Unaltered Star Wars Trilogy Rumoured For Blu-Ray


 Mark Hamill Looking Bad-Ass


Batman: The Complete TV Series


 New Silent Hill And Darryl Dixon’s Sexuality


 Jenna Coleman Quits Doctor Who


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