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The Prestige Podcast – Die Hard & Masculinity

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Join Rob & Sam, two life-long friends, one a veteran of the film industry, the other a Cambridge-educated writer on books, movies and graphic novels. Each week they talk about a film and some of the ideas it throws up. This time around, it’s the seminal 1988 classic. DIE HARD.

They look at the role of men, masculinty and how Die Hard really is the story of post-yuppie America. Check it out and go give them a follow over on Twitter –@prestigepodcast

Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard

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Despite having made been in the film industry for the last decade, I'm still not sure what a Best Boy does....

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  • Really enjoying this episode – really good analysis, and you chaps get to the meat of what you want to talk about really quick and get it all said smartly.

    But you do do one of my pet peeves, with the constant spoiler warnings and slight passive-aggressiveness about spoiler warnings.

    My personal position on this is that the amount of time passed since a film came out really isn’t relevant to whether something is a spoiler or not – every five seconds, someone is born who hasn’t seen Die Hard yet, and if you believe that it’s important that people get to experience something awesome like Die Hard fresh, logically how long since it came out is irrelevant.

    But: the fact that it says right up at the top of the episode that it’s about Die Hard movies, and it explains in the description wherever the podcast can be found that it’s going to be an analysis of the Die Hard movies… those things ARE relevant.

    We’re all grown ups here, so nobody has any right to complain about spoilers in the episode for anything that you’ve SAID the episode is going to be about in the description. You can send them my way if they do.

    So no need to get all facetious about spoiler warnings, but also no need for repeated spoiler warnings.

    (A stupid, petty quibble which is entirely about my own personality issues – this is a great ep… the theory stuff you discuss here is incredibly cool, and not many people are actually capable of talking eloquently and entertainingly about this stuff.)

    • Rob M

      Thanks for your comments! I think Sam handles most of the eloquent stuff

    • Rob M

      Hey! Thanks for the nice comments, although I think Sam handles most of the eloquent talking, I’m just here for film trivia…

      As to spoilers, I do lean more towards a spoiled podcast, especially when the idea is more of analysis than review. We’re still in the process of refining what the podcast is/how it works and how we deal with spoilers is part of that. Thanks for the feedback!

      And, as we always ask anyone who comments, what film would you want us to cover?

      • Gosh, I don’t know – you’re already seem to be on the right track when it comes to choosing films, and a lot of the unusual choices I might make could potentially lead to hearing people tear into films that I love, which isn’t actually something I enjoy!

        I guess there are a few films I’d like to hear smart people talk about:

        The Rover.

        I’d like to hear an un-snarky discussion of the well-meaning-but-flawed broken feminism of Sucker Punch, and what it says, if anything, about young male feminists. And how did it fail to land with adolescent boys, when that would seem to have been a pre-packaged market for it, good or bad.

        I’d like to hear somebody talk about The Sixth Sense from the perspective of it being a really good formal exercise in film-making in its own right, rather than from the perspective of the now poisoned well of M Night’s ongoing career. (Always interesting to me that Fight Club probably pulled the more self-indulgent & juvenile “twist ending”, but that didn’t end up being all it or the director was known for).

        World’s Greatest Dad. Because it is great.

        Also, I think it’d be interesting to compare/contrast White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen, because they manage to be almost exactly the same story, while getting completely different things right and wrong, and that’s FASCINATING.

        (I’m always a bit fascinated by that twin-blockbusters phenomena in Hollywood… Deep Impact and Armageddon, Mars Attacks and Independence Day… we’re compelled to pick a favourite, but usually the approach to the subject matter is completely different.)

        • Rob M

          We’ll them all under advisement!

          I’m with you on Suckerpunch, it had real potential and flashes of brilliance but also some inherent flaws that it could never quite get away from.

          We’ll see what we can do…

        • Rob M

          We’ll them all under advisement!

          I’m with you on Suckerpunch, it had real potential and flashes of brilliance but also some inherent flaws that it could never quite get away from.

          We’ll see what we can do…

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