WGMABPD When Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People Die

Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 26 – Age of The Ironic Bee Sting

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Welcome back to When Giant Monsters Attack Beautiful People Die Episode 23! The ultimate comic podcast based in a shed in the North of England!

Within the shed our monsters sat,
Amidst their smoke and munchies
M&M’s and Space Raiders
And a pack of fun size Crunchies.

They gazed upon the inky pulp
Of the comics they’d devoured
Tales of demons, sci-fi, fantasy
And heroes superpowered.

I suppose you’d like to know the name
Od each and every comic
So allow us to regurgitate them
In a pile of comic vomit….

They’d consumed so many, they felt sick,
Their eyes were fit to burst,
And so they sipped upon a movie,
To try and quench their thirst.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Was they film that they viewed,
With Dan excited and full of cheer
Whilst Dave just hissed and booed.

And once the fight was over
And the dust had settled
Dan sought out the biscuit tin
And Dave refilled the kettle.

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