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Published on May 8th, 2015 | by Dan Melrose


WGMABPD Episode 27 – Valiant Chicken Run

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It was the dawn of the Twenty Seventh Age of That Time We Hadeth in Ye Shed. Great tales had been already been spun, but this was the time of The Chicken. The Great Birds came to us, themselves on the wings of The Great Angel herself. Verily, we ate like Kings amongst poultry. Once our appetites were satiated, we took upon our great journey through lands both perilous and wonderful. Lands such as Dead Drop, Arcadia, We can never go home, Zero, Savage Dragon, Cluster, Spider Gwen, Secret Wars, Ant Man, Hulk, Squirrel Girl, Rocket Raccoon, Kanan the last Padawan, Nonplayer, Wolf Moon, Descender, Free Comics, and many more.

We discussed the visions we shared of events yet to come, such as Flytrap, Absolutely Anything, and Insectula, as well as using the Great Evil Web to discover prophecies, namely concerning the Captain America: Civil War and the wizard who may be chosen to bring Spider Man back to our own universe. What magic is this?

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