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Published on April 27th, 2014 | by Mog


Last Week On Pinterest…2

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So this week there seemed to be A LOT of Star Wars pins knocking around Pinterest, so it won’t surprise you all that a few of them made it into my top ten. But they are funny…just read and you’ll see what I mean…

PicMonkey Collage

10: There are some who call me … Tim.
But apparently, that wasn’t supposed to be his name at all. Huh. One of my favourite bits of the movie too. I love little insider facts like this about movies and TV shows. And there’s a lot of them on Pinterest, but as this little morsel is about my favourite Monty Python movie, I love this one even more!

9: Holy awesome hoodies Batman! 
OMG have you ever seen a scarier hoodie than that Joker one right there?! I mean, it’s uber awesome, but kinda creepy yesh? Being more of a Marvel girl than a DC lover I wouldn’t wear one as I’d feel hypocritical… But. Look. At. The. Awesome.

8: Obi-Juan…
Oh, Maker, don’t judge me but I creased up laughing at this when I saw it! I am a self confessed lover of bad-jokes, and this is one of the worst… AND I LOVE IT! Obi-Juan… Obi-JUAN Kenobi… Yes, I am doing a bad Spanish accent as I type it.

7: A Stormtrooper’s worst nightmare
You have to have seen all the jokes about Stormtroopers inability to hit anything that they shoot at right? Well, can you image the poor bastards having these alarm clocks? Bless. I almost feel sorry for them. But it’s too amusing.

6: Twelve and his Blue Box
As soon as Peter Capaldi was named as the Twelfth Doctor we all knew that we’d seen that face in Doctor Who before… but where? Oh, yeah, buying the TARDIS in Pompeii. Of course. This is a really accurate meme TBH. His character, Caecilius, really did buy the TARDIS for a great price, I don’t blame him for wanting it back!

5: Crowley and Bieber
There is so much yes in this pin… 1 – It calls Bieber a girl. 2 – It has Mark Sheppard in it. The only bad thing about it is that it’s not actually real. Depressingly it looks as if we’re stuck with the little runt. Urgh.
And also, if you don’t re-pin the King of Hell, he tends to get mean.

4: Black Widow art
I am a big Black Widow fan and pretty much anything with her gets re-pinned by default. But this piece of fan art is particularly pretty. I love the way it’s quite soft and depicts her at ease rather than aiming to kill. I love how she’s just casually reloading her gun, it looks slow and calm. But then you spot the bullet held by her lips and yeah, you know she’s badass.

3: Meme to Disney
PLEASE GODS DON’T F**K UP STAR WARS! The one thing that every fan has been desperately hoping since it was announced that Disney bought Star Wars. Nightmare.

2: Pokemon! 
Drool worthy fan art. I have never EVER seen Pokemon look so stunning. It’s one of those things that I’ve always wondered; what do the poor little dude’s look like squished up in those pokeballs… UBER CUTE! That’s how they look! It’s just a perfect piece of art. Absolutely stunningly drawn/painted. Just wow.

1: T.A.H.I.T.I
When I watched the episode of SHIELD that told us the truth about Tahiti, I am not ashamed to say I got teary eyed. Clark Gregg is freaking awesome as Coulson and just played it brilliantly. Then I found this on Pinterest. And wow. I tweeted it to Clark Gregg just because it was such an accurate depiction of not only him, but of T.A.H.I.T.I. He actually saw it and re-tweeted it. I’ve never seen one of my tweets become so popular. But it’s not really my tweet, it’s the image, that’s what is proving popular. And why wouldn’t it, it’s amazing. It’s simplicity makes it even more powerful. It’s perfect.


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Until next time, Peace out b*itches!


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