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Published on August 1st, 2014 | by Mog


Last Week On Pinterest…3

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After my holiday absence I am back pinning like a crazy lady.  So lets catch up on what has been awesome on Pinterest this past week…

Bringing up the rear, at 10 and 9…

10 and 9

10. After the reveal of an open world Zelda game from Nintendo at this years E3, fans went crazy with anticipation. Some made memes. And they’re funny!

9. If the Weeping Angels don’t scare you, there is something wrong with you. If this cos-play doesn’t impress you, there is something wrong with you.

8 7 and 6

8. I love a bit of Hawkeye and this mash up of Marvel movie Hawkeye and the famous line from Marvel comics Hawkeye is just perfection.

7. With the Supernatural season ending the way that it did, it was inevitable that the more creative fans would set about concocting their own posters for season 10. And this one is glorious. Demon!Dean takes centre stage as his nearest and dearest linger in the background…panicked out of their minds I should imagine! I know I am!

6. Another Hawkeye pin. But this is also perfection. The parallels between Hawkeye in the Avengers movie and Hawkeye in Fraction and Aja’s comics…perfection. I doubt that it was coincidence. Aja is a magician with a pen and I’d guess that it was all intentional for the eagle eyed fans to pick out. And they did.

5 and 4

5. Yes, another Supernatural pin. I’m sorry. But only a little bit. I mean look at Jensen, the smug git. HE KNEW. He knew everything. And he Ackled us all.

4. Poke pins! LOOK AT THEM! Some gifted person went and made all of the Pokemon Gym Badges. I mean who doesn’t want them?!


3. Sheet music and lyrics for the stunning ‘Over The Misty Mountains Cold’. Because who didn’t love it in the Hobbit? And I bet you all read through it in song, am I right? I’m right.


2. This is awesome. I did giggle at it when I found it. I want Wolverine to make me sushi…even though I dislike sushi. There is one thing wrong with it though. Batman doesn’t need to work because Bruce Wayne is minted…but so is Tony Stark, so…??


1. I don’t think I need to explain why this pin is number one. It wins the internet this week. A round of applause for this pin please.


And that’s my Pinterest wrap up for the last seven days.

Catch you all next time! And remember to check out our Pinterest page!

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