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Published on August 22nd, 2014 | by Mog


Last Week On Pinterest…5

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Hey guys! Sorry for the delay this week, I am in the middle of a manic couple of weeks. Dentist appointments, driving lessons, job interviews, driving test… SERIOUS STUFF!

BUT, I’m still Queen of Pinterest, and I’m here once again to show you the best of the inter-webs from last week! Let’s crack on shall we?

PicMonkey Collage 10 9

10. Arrrrrrrrrr! How cute is that? Arr2-D2. I find it quite apt with all the Star Wars stuffs in the news and buzzing around social media. Mix that with the news of a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie being made, and it’s two fandoms mashed up!

9. I love Assassins Creed and this is awesome. Totally what I thought the first time I went to do a ‘leap of faith’. F**k that. Gaming meme awesomeness.

8 7

Here we have an awesome duo of gaming meme’s…

8. You must’ve had moments like this right? Especially in games such as Tomb Raider, Black Flag and The Last Of Us. I mean, no one can walk though the decimated city’s of America without marvelling in it’s ruined beauty, while playing TLOU. No one just walked through Skyrim without having a little rest at the top of an apex. My personal favourite is The Wounded Coast in Dragon Age II. I have spent a lot of time just appreciating the atmosphere, music and calm of that place…I love it.

7. See, I have this issue in reality. ‘Oh there would be a fairy in that fountain’, ‘there would be a sniper on that roof…’. Is it a problem? Maybe, but I reckon all gamers suffer the same madness.


6. Is this the cutest Simpsons art ever?! Yes, yes it is. The only credit I can find is on the artwork itself, BARU. All I can say is WOW. It’s awesome. Lisa is adorable! And Sideshow Bob? Creepy. Very well done, very awesome.

5. Yet another stunning piece of fan art. SUNNING. Re-imagined Pokemon this time. The tag line with this was ‘Somebody make a movie with these NOW’. And I can only agree. A lot. Credit for this goes to Yuuki Morita.


4. Teaching WIN. I love it when teachers understand their students. Actually, thinking about it, I bet that half of this teachers class didn’t get the reference…sad, but most likely true. Still, I love it. And I bet there was someone who got it.

3. This uber cute Rocket Raccoon art was drawn by Zzigae. I think everyone has seen the awesome Guardians Of The Galaxy by now right? So this won’t be a spoiler for anyone, but a beautiful reminder of a great friendship.

PicMonkey Collage 2 1

 2. No this is a funny little trick. Change someone’s contact list so everyone is Loki? Hells yes! If I had friends I really wouldn’t mind them doing this. I would laugh for an age.
Oh, and the fact that the recipient played along with the trick? Utter brilliance.

 1. *squeeeee* How. Cute. Is. This?! asdfghjk! Have you seen anything as adorable?! NO. No you have not. The Avengers. As toddlers. Talking all cute. “I am defeateds!” is the cutest thing that will ever be spoken by Loki. Credit for this awesomeness goes to babbisms on tumblr.

And that’s all folks! Much cuteness in this weeks round-up huh? Sorry!

Find me again next week for the best of the internet’s greatest scrapbook, Pinterest!

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