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Published on November 5th, 2014 | by Ninjette Natasha

Launch of Pokémon TCG: XY—Phantom Forces

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Here I am at the brilliant ‘Loading Bar’ in Stoke Newington, London, for the Launch of the latest Pokémon trading card game deck ‘Phantom Forces’. The event was set up by the guys at Premier Games and Esdevium Games and was an absolutely brilliant night!

If you don’t know The Loading Bar already, it was originally located in Soho and has now moved to a bigger location in Stoke Newington. They are well known for their gaming cocktails as well as their array of different consoles, and this gaming launch night did not disappoint.

I have always been a big fan of the Pokémon cartoon as well as collecting the cards and my boyfriend, Action Ash, my accomplice for the evening is also a big fan of the cartoon. However we have never actively played the game, since it is quite hard to find somewhere that does Pokémon card nights often so this was a perfect opportunity to learn how to play from scratch.


When we got to the event, we were offered a drink which was lovely,and a table which was already set up with two decks of 60 cards so that we could get down to battling straight away. The main aim of the game is to knock out your opponents Pokémon . To win you should have either knocked out all of your opponent’s bench Pokemon or taken all of your prize cards. A big shout out to Ben from Esdevium Games who was an excellent trainer and sat with Ash and I to teach us how to play the game step by step. He also taught us different strategies we could implement which was very useful. It helped that the steps were on the Pokémon gaming mats as well, so when Ben left us to play on our own for a bit we were still able to refer back to the original rules.


Despite Ash’s sheer determination and epic Poke-face, I won with my stage 2 Feraligatr. Yay!At the event free drinks were supplied from the bar upstairs which was great and they also has some brilliant pepperoni and cheese Poké-Pizza which was an awesome addition to an already brilliant evening.

Then as if I didn’t think the evening could get any better we were supplied with some great Poké-Swag this included; a tote bag, Pokémon T-shirt, Pikachu hat, XY Phantom Forces booster pack, XY Phantom Forces Bolt Twister Galvantula Theme Deck and a Pokémon XY trainer kit. So now Ash and I both have great sets of cards to start utilizing our skills and strategies that we picked up from the event.

This was a great evening which successfully launched the new XY Phantom Forces decks in an exciting and interesting way. I feel a lot more interested in playing it after going to this event and receiving the one to one training, and I will definitely be keeping an eye on The Loading bar and around the UK for any up and coming Pokémon events. The teams of people helping out were all very friendly and helpful and everyone was having a really good time.


I definitely recommend grabbing a pack of these cards and if you are not already playing to definitely rekindle your love for Pokémon in general.

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