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Published on November 5th, 2015 | by Greg Payne


London Shines: The Stars Of MCM Comic Con

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The MCM Comic Con group took over the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands for the second tine this year from October 23-25, with the DLR line disgorging thousands upon thousands of anime, comic, science fiction and horror fans onto the grounds for a weekend of celebrity encounters, panels, and merchandise shopping. The British and European (not to mention more than a handful of ex-pat and travelling American and Canadian) fans also showed off their talents, their cosplay construction skills on glorious display. Here’s some of the best.

All photos by Greg Payne/Very Frank Pictures

Featuring (among others): Hayley Smith – Amy Pond Cosplayer (Babydoll), Envyious (Ryuko Matoi), Holly M – Artist and Cosplayer (Elsa), Maisy Minx (Harley Quinn Space Marine, Gandalf), Dead Wolfs Forge (Nightwing), PuddyGeeks Cosplay (Punk Harley), Ash Lewis Cosplay (Flynn Rider), Hollybubbles Cosplay (Rapunzel), Venom-K-Cosplay (Punk Joker), Twisted Reality Cosplay (Amazing Spider-Man), Starbit Cosplay (Katniss),  Oli Mansfield Cosplay (Tenth Doctor), Midknight Dragon Cosplay (Selene), E V E Cosplay (Gambit), Tag Team Cosplay (Nyssa), Harley Quinnsane (Harley Quinn), Team Stone Cosplay (Austin Powers and Black Cat), Wisteria Cosplay (Supergirl), Parallel Works Cosplay (Vel’Koz), LWL Cosplay (Red Queen), Firecracker (Loki), Lantern-Blake-2814 (Green Lantern Parallax), Little Red Cosplay (Star Sapphire), Thomas Geoffroy – Harry Potter Cosplayer (Harry Potter), NuRevelations Cosplay (Dark Phoenix), Little Lioness Cosplay (Joker), Candy Valentina (Captain America), Maggzy Cosplay (Winter Soldier), Pippa512 (Black Cat), Emski Cosplays (Clobberella/Leela)   The Young Avenger: Jaime Coatsworth (Princess Leia), Chemical Reaction Cosplay (Captain Amelia, Han Solo), Andrea Rizzo’s Cosplays (Princess Jasmine), Ash-Sama Cosplay (Azog), Txteva Cosplay (Merry), Beyond Believing Cosplay (Sam), Lightened Skies Cosplay (Bilbo), SmugBat Cosplays (Pippin), Halatirno Cosplay (Radagast)  Harley’s Asylum (Harley Quinn), Cara Cosplay (Thranduil), Symphonia Cosplay (Rumplestiltskin)

As always, if you spot yourself and you aren’t credited, PLEASE let us know in the comments. We will update the post accordingly!

Greg Payne
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