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Published on March 6th, 2015 | by Kia


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For A Geeky Mum

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With mother’s day fast approaching, we here at need to consume think it’s time that we throw out the “typical” mother’s day presents so we put together a list of Mother’s day gift ideas for a geeky Mum.  Gone are the flowers, chocolates and oversized teddy bears, this year is all about embracing what your mum loves and giving her something that will make her smile day in and day out.

1. Super Hero Personalized Stationery from £10.69 2. Custom cartoon portrait £32.00 3. Batman Keychain £17.37 4. Mask necklace £29.93 5. BatGirl Tank £12.66 6. Adventure Time Marshall Lee – Custom Geek Typography Quote Wall Art Poster £7.00 7. Star Wars Gift Set Of Three £18.00 8. Spiderman Bowtie £17.00 9. Hogwarts Alumni hoodie Harry Potter £26.05 10. Star Wars Stormtrooper Earrings £3.99 11. KAPOW Headband £15.00 12. Comic Book Decoupage Wooden Storage Box £24.00 13. Star Trek Enterprise Skater Skirt £43.42 14. Autobot ring £56.67 15. N7 Mass Effect Leggings £46.76 16. Dr Who Earrings £15.33 17. Leather journal hand-printed custom for you not all who wander are lost £16.70 18. Hylian Crest Necklace – Zelda Necklace for Legend of Zelda £7.49 19. I Came Here To Workout Not Talk To Muggles £10.68


Obsessed with many things. A few of them cosplaying, reading comics, playing games and watching awesome shows on TV.Brought up a trekkie and still loving everything about sci-fi.

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