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Fargo – Episode 4 – Eating the Blame

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Last weeks episode of Fargo ended with Stavros Milos (played by Oliver Platt) unaware he is showering in blood for a few seconds before screaming upon realisation, this is the start of some biblical references.   We start this week’s episode with Stavros again but with a strong reference to the original 1996 film, a suitcase of money out in the snow, marked with a bright red ice scraper; this is hidden by Steve Buscemi’s character ‘Carl Showalter’.  Stavros finds the case after breaking down his wife and young child in the car having ran out of gas, he starts praying to god and notices the scraper in the distance.

This week’s installment entitled ‘Eating the Blame’ gives us yet more fine acting from Billy Bob with a couple of tense sections, although the music is contradictory in style putting you at ease that nothing too drastic will happen, however you can never be too sure.  The show does like to keep you on your toes here and there by being sudden – one moment in particular is Lester being shoved into the car boot of Jay (Mr Number’s) and Silent Bob (Mr Wrench) without warning in a comical fashion, with the following scene showing that you’d have more room in the boot of a car if you were kidnapped than you might expect.

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Detective Gus Grimley is starting to get deeper down the rabbit hole by arresting Lorne after spotting him on the side of a road, Lorne quickly transforms into church minister ‘Frank Peterson’ by fastening his top shirt button and placing a calming smile upon his face that is also now wearing glasses.  Frank Peterson is an alter-ego Lorne has clearly researched from his instant knowledge that acts as a perfect alibi to evade suspicion of his involvement in the recent murders and speeding ticket that Gus let him off for; and who would question a minister?  Lorne does let his cover slip ever so slightly twice just to inform Gus ‘I know you know who I am, but there’s nothing you can do about it’.

Mr Numbers and Mr Wrench’s relationship is explored a little further during a scene in Lou’s Coffee Shop (Molly’s dad’s place).  Here we see dialogue being displayed on screen to show exactly what the two are talking about in sign language, some being crucial to the plot and other bits…not so much – you’ll know when you watch it.  Scenes like this could be very confusing and potentially polarising to some audiences because of it’s quirky just plain weirdness, such as the lines ‘who wants to be watched when their eating?’ ‘Mormons’ which is finished off by just a look of bemusement from Mr Numbers.  This is clearly a very random thing to come up in conversation especially when the two are talking about kidnapping Lester; displaying the normality of the situation to them.

Fargo Ep 4 pic 02

A new character added into the mix is a man by the name of Don Chumph played by Glenn Howerton, who you may recognise from being Dennis Reynolds in ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’.  We are first introduced to Don when he is looking at the plumbing of Stavros’ shower to discover where the blood came from; but we make the direct connection with Lorne when he makes his one phone call from jail.  Lorne asks ‘Do you have them?’.  Don is clearly a bit of a simpleton from this scene ‘My Mom thinks I’m getting a cat’ and is on a mission from Lorne to get something but only states ‘they have 100 of them’, Lorne tells him to go to the other pet stores in the area to get more, but neither let on to what Don is actually getting (there is a visual clue in the opening shot of the scene but it’s not obviously related at first) however this is all made clear at the end, tapping into yet another biblical reference – Lorne is clearly just having fun now with his situation.

Finally we have the riddle that Gus is told when he stops Lorne/Frank Peterson briefly on being set free from jail ‘Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other colour, my question to you is why?’, the answer…A Predator.

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