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Fargo – Episode 9 – A Fox, A Rabbit And A Cabbage

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We are still one year on in the Fargo timeline in the penultimate episode entitled ‘A Fox, A Rabbit And A Cabbage’ which is a reference towards the riddle of a man with a boat trying to get said items over a river, one at a time, without anything going missing; and also referenced later on in the episode by FBI Agents Pepper and Budge.  This weeks episode starts by pointing into a man’s mouth having dental work done by none other than Lorne Malvo, who is under a new cover, as a dentist, to scout out a fellow dentist as his next target.  This week we are also introduced to a new phrase of Lorne Malvo, ‘aces!’ which he exclaims a few times in the first ten minutes, even sometimes using his fingers as pistols.  One being to follow up to a sentence you may have to listen to twice to catch exactly what Lorne’s new girlfriend ‘Jemma Stalone’ (played by Helena Mattsson) says, which is ‘I’m going to stick my whole thumb up your ass later’.  That’s right, she just metaphorically slips that into the conversation they are having about being newly engaged – in all fairness she isn’t aware he is a hitman, she may be a little less enthusiastic about this if she knew.

Fargo 09-04

After this brief opening we are taken back to Vegas where Lester sees Lorne at a distance in a bar (the end of episode 8) but this time Lester approaches.  Lorne obviously denying all knowledge of who Lester is, due to his new cover and the fact that Lester could really stick a spanner in the works here.  With his new fiancee and dentist friend the group decide to move on to a show they are to attend; as this happens we are shown Lorne’s true colours as he sternly tells Lester ‘walk away’, but Lester’s new found courage gets the better of him, he follows them into the elevator and gets Malvo to fess up that they know each other; but Malvo being Malvo trumps Lester and forces a question upon him ‘is this what you want Lester?’, Malvo is now starting to scare his new found friends and with Lester’s head nod, Malvo shoots each friend in the head – its no ‘Drive’ elevator death, but it has a fair amount of blood.

Fargo 09-05

Malvo in his calm and collected manner isn’t too phased by this act ‘six months I worked on this guy lester, six months, can you imagine how many sewer mouths I had to put my hands in, the gallons of human spit, guess that’s the $100,00 bounty down the toilet, but erm, still, the look on his face when I pull a gun, classic huh’ and even when Lester’s balls shrink once more as he hits Malvo in the head with his glass trophy and runs away; Malvo still isn’t phased and just deals with it calling down the corridor after him with ‘see ya later Lester’.  Scenes like this with the constant yo-yoing of Billy Bob Thornton’s character just shows the strength of his acting, Martin Freeman doesn’t always seem to be that strong and almost flakey at times, but this could very well just be the way the character is supposed to be naturally, and in that case he’s nailing it.

Fargo 09-02

Later on in the episode we reach another problem for Lester, and that problem again, is Molly Solverson.  Someone has informed the police of the murders in the elevator and Lester is potentially a witness so Molly comes looking for clues again in the attempt to jail him once more.  Lester doesn’t look too innocent as he rushed his new girlfriend Linda Park out of the Vegas hotel early, and she is none the wiser to anything that has gone on previously, or is going on now.  He wants to leave for Acapulco with her, to avoid Malvo, but he is informed he can’t leave the country due to the investigation, he goes against this advice and attempts to leave but first they need their passports, which are at Lester’s office.  This is where Lester takes another turn down the rabbit hole of evil and uses his own wife as bait, giving her his own bright orange (Cyril Figgis-esque) puffa-jacket and tells her ‘put your hood up, i’d hate for your pretty face to freeze’ he killed the last one with his bare hands, but he’s essentially sending this one to the slaughterhouse also if he suspects Malvo is in the office – bad Lester, very bad.

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