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Gotham – Arkham – Review

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An Arkham Epsiode! That is about everything but Arkham! 

This week’s episode is a bit of a red herring, I for one was excited to see Arkham in this new imagining of the Batverse, but it wasn’t to be. Here, Arkham is a plot device, not a location. A lot revolves around it but it is a much different place that we might expect. That being said, there is a lot going on on this episode.


The main storyline, the Arkham one, concerns the plans to redevelop the now abandoned Arkham asylum. The Mayor is intending to push ahead with the Wayne Plan to redevelop the are but various members of the voting committee are being offed by Hakeem Kae-Kazim creepy but effective assassin. It emerges that this is all really a struggle between Falcone and Maroni, the local mob bosses for construction rights on the new site. Hakeem is the reason this inherently dull story lifts, with his portrayal being a great mixture of sadness and dedication. Also his weapon (pictured above) is doing sterling work in keeping the ‘Gothamesque’ oddness alive and well.


Following on from last week’s ending, the Cobblepot story continues, with him making what is clearly his powerplay this week. As the restaurant he works at is robbed, he manages to save some of Don Maroni’s money, instantly earning himself respect and the recently-vacated (via a shotgun to the chest) role of restaurant manager. But, as with, everything when it comes to the Penguin, he may not be as innocent as he first seems. Robin Lord Taylor is doing some sterling work as Oswald here, he really sells the oddball with just enough detachment to orchestrate all these double-dealings.


Elsewhere, Fish Mooney is putting her plans against Falcone into action with the recruitment of her new weapon, a beautiful sidekick. In one of the series most brutal and effective scenes, Fish has the two finalist’s fistfight on a abandoned pier, complere with high-heels and party-girl dresses.

The episode at a whole does feel like we are building towards something big. All the stories, whilst excellent individually, do lend the episode a intermediate feel, that all the pieces are moving around board but the actual fight is still some way off. I think this is where Gotham is it’s best. Leave the cartoon bad guys to Batman, I’m interested in the nuts and bolts policing and crime of this place. Think Game of  Thrones with less incest, Game Of Cards with more death.

All in all, a solid and enjoyable episode, hopefully the foundations of things to come.

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