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Gotham – ‘Selina Kyle’ – Review

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Ah the difficult sophomore album…

Folllowing on from last weeks series opener, ‘Selina Kyle’ is a mixed bag. In some ways it improved on that initial outing and in someways it falls right into the same traps.


As with much modern television, ‘Selina Kyle’ falls somewhere between traditional ‘monster-of-the-week’ shows and the more long-form storytelling of HBO-esque shows. We are introduced to the the above child snatchers, with their odd-50s style affected speech and twisted morals. They are prowling the cities underground for homeless kids to take for the creepily monikered Dollmaker and thus run into the Selina Kyle, the young Catwoman.

This episode is an odd combination of very much being Selina’s story (title included) but not really telling us much about her. Yes, she’s plucky and yes, she’s resourceful and we do see the growing moral grey area in her as she barters information about the Wayne’s killer only when it can stop her going to jail, but her characterization still remains a sketch at best. Camren Bicondova is doing sterling work in the role and is eminently watchable, but she hasn’t yet had any real character work to chew on.

410Elsewhere in Gotham we have the continuing drama of Bullock and Gordan, their two sides clashing throughout as well as the increasingly unhinged Oswald Cobblepot (Don’t call him Penguin…) leaving a bloody trail across the outskirts. I’m really enjoying the Oswald storyline, it really feels like it is building toward a big confrontation when he inevitably and finally returns to Gotham. Other highlights are Richard Kind playing against type as the wonderfully creepy Mayor and John Dorman as Carmine Falcone, relishing every bit of his mafioso role

As before there are some bum-notes within the cast. Sean Pertwee continues to star in his own remake of Lock Stock whilst Renee and Crispus from the Major Crimes Unit remain under used and one-note characters.  Barbara Kean remains insufferable as James Gordon’s finacee and Sarah Essen as the GCPD Captain seems stuck between supporting role and bit part.


All in all, Gotham remains a intriguing series but there will come a point where the pass it has due to the abiding love of the Batverse will run out and it will have to stand on it’s own two legs. It is slowing finding itself but I just hope it does so before it’s time runs out. It still has too much weight going on, with too many storylines and relationships vying for attention and space. This week we did drop Posion Ivy from the episode, but with sizeable cast only going to grow, there is a very real chance that Gotham will descend into a muddled chaos of half-done stories and forgotten roles.

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