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Hannibal Season 3 Episode 10 “And The Woman Clothed In Sun” Review

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The two wives of Hannibal Lecter getting to bickering and the Tooth Fairy might be having a change of heart this week in episode 10 of Hannibal season 3. But first the show has been good enough to explain last weeks terrible security breach, when Francis Dolarhyde managed to call Hannibal Lecter in the supposedly security Hospital from the Criminal Insane. Turns out Dolarhyde broke into Hannibal’s offices and used some kind of computer program to change the outbound phone number. I thought he was some kind of photography technician, but ok, it’s not the least likely thing this show has done. In the process of their telephone call Dolarhyde imagines himself having a therapy session with Lecter. He declares that he wants stand before Lecter like the dragon stood before 666 and then he wants to meld with the cannibal. Dolarhyde appears to transform into the literal Great Red Dragon (see the header image) and Hannibal praises his magnificence. Whilst the two serial killers are in accord things aren’t so genial elsewhere.


Will attends a speech being given by Bedelia Du Maurier on her time spent under Hannibal’s control. We only see a small portion of it but it is clearly a complete pack of lies. From claims of drugging to brainwashing Bedelia has all kinds of explanations for the time she spent in Hannibal’s hell. Of course Will Graham is having none of this and though he doesn’t interrupt her presentation he does call her on it as soon as they’re alone. “You didn’t lose yourself Bedelia, you just crawled so far up Hannibal’s ass you couldn’t be bothered!” He calls her Frankenstein’s Bride and she reminds him that whilst they’ve both been the murderer’s bride she isn’t the one covered in scars. Later in the episode they meet again in a setting rather similar to therapy sessions Will once had with Hannibal. There she claims that she never really gave up her role as Hannibal’s psychiatrist and the whole thing was a kind of overt treatment program. She doesn’t blame Hannibal for what evolution has equipped him to do and although she hasn’t visited him herself she does still receiving greeting cards from him. Whilst she bickers with Will about the reality of both of their relationships with the killer the scene keeps switching to a flashback to her last therapy session with Neal Frank (Zachary Quinto – Star Trek, Heroes). I was just saying two weeks ago how sad I was that we hadn’t seen the rest of this scene, perhaps I should wish for some other things! It turns out that Hannibal sent Frank to see Bedelia because Frank had become suspicious of the Lithuanian doctor. Lecter’s treatments had left him more unwell and with missing time, leading Frank to refuse the drugs Lecter tried to prescribe. He feels paranoid about Hannibal’s intentions. When Bedelia refuses to take any action over these accusations Frank becomes increasing agitated and begins to choke. As she attempts to clear his airway Bedelia ends up with her arm all the way down his throatThis seems a bit much for a mere accident but its clear that Hannibal had more to do with the incident that was suggested in the first episode of this season. Back in the present Bedelia wonders if Molly knows just how close the relationship was between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. She suggests that Will isn’t really the killer Hannibal has lead him to believe himself to be. The nurturing instinct is too strong in him. She recommends crushing those he feels driven to protect next time, it’ll save him some effort.


It seems that Francis Dolarhyde has finally found someone he wants to protect and nurture as he takes Reba McClane on an amazing first date. He’s arranged for the zoo to allow her access to a tiger that had been sedated for treatment so she can explore the animal by touch and ‘see’ it for the first time. As he describes the animal to her it begins to glow and he becomes very emotional when she reverently touches its teeth. They return to his unexpectedly opulent home where she thanks him with an equally unexpected blowjob. After a sex scene in which Reba transforms into the Woman Clothed In Sun from the Blake painting, Dolarhyde wakes up alone. He panics and runs up to the Great Red Dragon shrine but finding it empty he resists the urge to transform into that persona. She’s actually just waiting in his living room to go home.


To continue the theme of poor security and slightly unbelievable telephone shenanigans from the last episode, this week Hannibal recreates one of the more famous scenes from the 1986 Manhunter movie. Having been given an old style telephone in order to receive a call Hannibal uses a metal chewing gum wrapper to short the handset and connect to the operator instead. He then gets them to call Frederick Chilton’s office and persuades one of the staff to give him Will Graham’s home address. Whilst I can believe Brian Cox’s Lecter having chewing gum to hand it seems really out of character for Mads Mikkelsen’s fastidious gourmand. They used a different method in the 2002 Red Dragon remake with Anthony Hopkins which would have been more in keeping with this version. Surely Alana Bloom, who spent so much time studying Hannibal’s eating habits in order to catch him in Florence, would notice even the slightest change in what went into his cell! Well, anyway, now Hannibal knows where Molly and Walter are, whatever will he do with that information? Will visits him again to discuss the Red Dragon symbol that was found at one of the crime scenes. Hannibal describes the William Blake painting to Will and reminds him that there are only eleven days before the Tooth Fairy is due to kill again. There’s some very effective camera work in this scene that suggests that Will and Hannibal are becoming the same person again. Whilst Dolarhyde wants to meld with Lecter it’s Graham who is actually doing it whether he wants to or not. Intrigued by the painting Hannibal mentioned Will goes to view it at the Brooklyn Museum only find that he isn’t the only person with an appointment to see it. Due to its fragile condition it’s kept in a secure room where Dolarhyde, after knocking out the attendant, has the privacy to remove it from it’s case and literally eat it. Will arrives just as Dolarhyde is leaving and after a brief scuffle the killer escapes.


Not a lot happened in this episode, there was a lot of snark and some lovely visual elements but there wasn’t a lot going on. For once that’s not a bad thing. Whilst the first half of the season dragged it was partially due to Hannibal’s insufferable pretentiousness. The long drawn out shots of Bedelia in the bath or Hannibal cooking yet another victim felt ostentatious whilst Reba’s communion with the tiger felt genuinely poignant and necessary, for both her character and Dolarhyde. He speaks very little and seeing through his eyes is probably the best way to get to know his character. We already knew Hannibal was insufferably smug, we didn’t need to be shown that all over again! Knowing where the plot will go next it’s hard to wait for the next few episodes but, whilst it was frustrating to go so slow at the start of the season, this feels more like we’re getting somewhere. Roll on next week!

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