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Hannibal Season3 Episode 11 “And The Beast From The Sea” Review

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“Save yourself, kill them all.” These are the words of a man who should never have been given a psychiatry license in episode 11 of Hannibal season 3. Whilst the FBI speculates that the Tooth Fairy killer maybe trying to stop his murderous habits, Dr Lecter has been persuading Francis Dolarhyde to do just the opposite. Since sparing the lives of Will Graham and the museum attendants at the end of the last episode had no benefit to the Tooth Fairy, Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom suspect the eating of the painting was an attempt to end the killings. Jack wants them to use the media to drive the Tooth Fairy to suicide. Will is unconvinced that the killer would believe his death could stop whatever murderous being is inside him. Instead Will wants to confront Hannibal since it’s clear that the two killers have been communicating. In their latest session Dolarhyde tells Dr Lecter about Reba and the Great Red Dragon’s interest in her. He is amazed at finally having a real living woman in his life and doesn’t want to hand her over to his other personality. He’s frightened by the increasing communication from the Dragon which had never spoken directly before he found Reba. Hannibal suggests giving the Dragon itself to someone else and gives him Will Graham’s home address. Sadly when Will does confront Hannibal he fails to spot the cannibal’s hints about what he’s done. Hannibal tries to make a mockery of Will’s theory, listing increasingly unlikely methods for the Tooth Fairy to have spoken to an inmate in a secure hospital (all of which featured in the original book). He then asks whether Will sees his own family when he imagines the next victims, before admitting that he does know the identity of the next victims but won’t name them. He seems very disappointed that Will doesn’t understand him, saying only, “I’m not letting them die. You are.”

MollyDogs Hannibal Season3 Episode 11

Meanwhile, the Graham family dogs are sick. Worried that she’s accidentally poisoned them by straying from their homemade diet Molly decides not to tell Will what has happened and leaves them under the care of the vet. Of course it’ll Dolarhyde that poisoned them, rather than cheap dog food, and he’s also been filming the house at night. Since Reba is blind he feels confident enough to watch his covert tapes whilst the two of them enjoy an evening of music and cocktails. She believes he’s checking film of nocturnal animals instead. Now we haven’t seen an awful lot of Molly and her background hasn’t really been mentioned but its now clear that she’s a complete bad ass. When Dolarhyde, wearing a mesh mask and his custom snaggletooth dentures, approaches the house Molly immediately wakes up at the sound of unfamiliar foot steps. With surprising precision she manages to wake Walter in silence, get him dressed and out the window without alerting the killer. She sends him to wait by the car with instructions to count to 100 and run for the road if he sees anyone but her. She slips past Dolarhyde to retrieve her own outdoor clothes and leaves the house by a different door. By this point the killer realises that there is no one in the house and goes out onto balcony as Molly hides directly below him. As he moves away from her, she signals Walter, sets off the car alarm and the two of them run from the road whilst Dolarhyde is busy shooting up the car. As luck would have it a car is passing just as they reach the road and Molly is able to stop it by pretty much throwing herself into its path. Unsurprisingly the driver is angry about this, but only briefly since Dolarhyde shoots him in the head. Molly and Walter manage to escape in the commandeered car but as Dolarhyde fires wildly at the car Molly is also wounded. Now, after three seasons and more faked deaths than 1970s British politics, I wasn’t expecting to be particularly enthralled with this bit of the story. In the original book Lecter’s betrayal is discovered before Dolarhyde can get to the house; so Molly and her son are simply evacuated to a secret location. I foolishly expected them to follow the same plotline since they hadn’t made much use of Will Graham’s new family. Of course I forgot how much they like to punish Will in this show! I’d love to see more of Molly and what lead her to cope so well with a mass murderer in her house. Is this something Will taught her or is this a skill she had beforehand? As she’s recovering in the hospital we see Will trying to relate to his stepson. Walter didn’t know any of Will’s history until he read about it in a Freddie Lounds article. He’s angry that Will wants to catch the Tooth Fairy rather than just kill him and refuses to speak to him any further.

SatansCrossfit Hannibal Season3 Episode 11

Sadly after this exciting chase and touching emotional discussion the show attempts something that I’ve personally never seen work. Francis Dolarhyde is working out in his Red Dragon shrine after his failure and the Great Red Dragon attacks him. Now of course he is the Great Red Dragon so, although some of this is shown with him fighting an actual demon, most of the fight sequence is Dolarhyde fighting himself. Huge respect to Richard Armitage for his acting in this physically gruelling scene, but it didn’t work. It doesn’t matter how portentous the music is or how exciting you make the camerawork, a man flipping himself over by the scruff of the neck is still hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing and normally with this show I wouldn’t mind (see Will summersaulting off the train in episode 5 “Contorno”), but I didn’t really want to laugh so soon after getting drawn into a life-or-death chase. In further ridiculousness Alana finally decides to actually check Hannibal’s recent phone calls and discovers that his lawyer hasn’t spoken to him since the trial. For some reason, she and Jack decide to compound their series of poor decisions by asking Hannibal to help them trace the call next time the Tooth Fairy calls claiming to be the lawyer. Hannibal doesn’t have to wait long. After his encounter with the Dragon, Dolarhyde decides to end his relationship with Reba out of fear that she’ll be hurt as well. When she angrily sends him packing, he turns to the cannibal psychiatrist for support. As the FBI trace the call Dolarhyde tearfully explains that he isn’t as strong as the Dragon and he is afraid of what will happen if Reba is in his house again. Hannibal reminds him that doesn’t have to be afraid as the Dragon is his own higher self. The Great Red Dragon then speaks through Dolarhyde, threatening to tear her apart. As Dolarhyde becomes more distressed he mentions Reba by name. Hannibal immediately informs him that the conversation is being monitored and ends the call. The forensics team still manage to trace the call to Hannibal’s own office, finding additional finger prints but are otherwise no closer to identifying the Tooth Fairy.

HannibalWhoops Hannibal Season3 Episode 11

Molly is awake and blaming herself and Jack Crawford for what has happened. Will knows that Hannibal is to blame. Alana has belatedly made good on her promise to punish Hannibal and his room has been stripped of all luxuries, including his toilet. Dr Lecter seems unconcerned about this when Will storms in declaring that he is “just about worn out with you crazy sons of bitches.” Despite being at odds the two characters eerily mimic one another through out their surprisingly calm confrontation. Hannibal is unrepentant but finally some of his hints get through and Will finally understands what is going on in the Tooth Fairy murders. The Great Red Dragon craves change and that is what he is doing to his victims, changing them. What that actually means will have to wait til next week. There are only two episodes left in this season, and possible for the show as a whole if another network doesn’t pick it up soon. Hopefully those last two episodes will be less of a rollercoaster than we’ve had this week. Honestly the sequence in the Graham house is only the second time I’ve been properly invested in the show this season. Since the end of season two the only other truly standout sequence has been Jack versus Hannibal in the museum. Had they cut the sequence with Dolarhyde fighting himself, or at least reduced it I’d probably have rated this episode more than I did in the end. There’s still a lot going on that doesn’t entirely make sense and even as Hannibal mocks the methods used in the original novel some of the plot points in this aren’t stellar. How does Alana still have a job? Why would you not vet every single call going into the cell of a mass murderer? How did Jack ever get back into the FBI after the whole Italy thing? The acting continues to be brilliant, especially from Richard Armitage and Rutina Wesley, and it’s still the most beautiful show currently on television. I just wise it wasn’t quite as crazy as its own characters.

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