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Shaun The Sheep Picture Perfect Review

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It’s been a big year for the little sheep. He’s had a movie out, new DVD releases and even a selection of freebee utensils from McDonalds.

In the latest release from Aardman Animation, Picture Perfect, we are treated to more adventures of the wiley Shaun as he takes over Bitzer’s role on the farm, become distracted by Ping-Pong and battles with some rather rude ducks. The DVD contains ten nuggets of sheep action and delivers exactly what you would expect from the Shaun the Sheep series.

Shaun Bitzers secret

The animation is wonderful, which goes without saying. The stories are short (sometimes too short) and outright funny; and that’s speaking as an adult. My kids were riveted to the screen from episode one and a fun afternoon was passed as I clicked on to the next episode to the cries of ‘next one, next one’. But at no time did I mind watching another episode because there is enough in Shaun the Sheep to keep even a cynical old man like myself happy.

The best TV and films aimed at children are the ones that engage adults as much as their offspring. In a world of DVDs spinning around and around on repeat, constantly showing the same ten/twenty minute episodes, if the children’s market doesn’t engage the adult on some level it is less likely to become a much loved feature in a house. We have a stack of DVD’s watched only once then left to gather dust. Shaun the Sheep will not become one of these.

Shaun Bitzer for a day

Marvel at the intense stare off between Shaun and a goat which results in a strange hypnotic possession.

Wonder at the ingenious talent behind the creation of a stack of Sheep all balancing precariously on one end of a see-saw, wobbling too and fro.

Secretly laugh at (because the kids don’t get the reference) the riff on the Chariots of Fire musical score as Bitzer and the Farmer go jogging.

If you want to convince someone to buy this for you simply explain; that it’s for adults because of the snippets of pop culture that are squeezed into highly enjoyable slap stick romps that easily stand up against anything that they may have watched as a child; And it’s for children because it’s Shaun the Sheep. Do you really need any greater reason? Look at him playing Ping-Pong with a half hatched chicken egg:

Shaun Ping Pong

The DVD includes the following episodes:


Bitzer for a day

Bitzer’s secret

The Stare

Ping-Pong Poacher (My particular favourite)

Save the dump

Picture Perfect

Hidden Talents

Fruit and Nut

The Intruder

Aardman may have made its name with Wallace and Gromit but its shows like Shaun the Sheep that are attracting newer, younger fans to stop motion animation. Expect great things from Shaun the Sheep in the near future but for now settle back and enjoy Picture Perfect.

If I had a rating system this would definitely get five sheep out of five and no sulky Farmers.


An additional reason to buy this DVD is that in the extras is a special treat for stop motion animation fans. There are some brand, spanking new episodes of Morph. Yes, MORPH! It’s about time that children today were introduced to Morph and what better way through the stunning talent at Aardman Animation. These sweet little episodes (each one if very short) are a blast from the past for people of my generation and a wonderfully new experience for the younger watchers. They are simply brilliant. In the words of my five year old son “He’s orange and he’s white and they’re both really funny.”

Shaun the Sheep: Picture Perfect is released on DVD on 30th March.

Shaun the Sheep DVD cover



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