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Utopia Series 2 – Episode 2

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They’re back, the whole sorry bunch of them and they’ve been missed.

After the historic first episode the story jumps forward, beyond the events of the first series. The opening scene establishes Jessica’s whereabouts, in a blue tinted prison set in a beautiful field of lilac coloured flowers. The audience is then thrown to a contrasting setting of inner city terraced housing but the image is just as striking and as vibrant. Down the road comes Pietre sporting a well groomed beard and his trusted yellow plastic bag. He enters a house, limping along in his slow but deliberate way before stepping purposefully into the lounge/dinning room combo. A child is watching television. “Is your mother at home?” he asks in his monotone voice before reaching into his yellow bag of tools.

Talk about tension!

Warning: This article may contain spoilers, nuts and the occasional bold header

utopia 2.2 4

Ian’s loneliness reached dangerously low levels

Throughout this episode the audience is reintroduced to all of the main characters from the last series and given an idea of what they’ve been up to in the months since Jessica was captured by Milner. So let’s play catch up:

Ian and Grant

Ian has returned to his mundane day job in I.T. Consultancy. He hates it and, thanks to the cover story that he spent the last few months in a specialist hospital after an attempted suicide, his boss is constantly on tender hooks, desperately trying to bond with him. Ian uses his time at work to scour the national CCTV footage searching for Becky.

After a failed bonding evening, he returns to his flat which he shares with Grant who has become a sulky, angry, over the top teenager who resents having to hide. We learn that as far as the world is concerned Grant is dead and all he has is Ian. That is until Becky pops up on a security camera and the less than dynamic due head out to find her.

Becky and Donaldson

Becky balances on the edge of a tall building, ready to fling herself to her death. Her suicidal tendencies are interrupted when the scientist and self centred opportunist, Donaldson turns up asking for her help in return for the drugs she needs to stave off the affects of Deals. Reluctantly she agrees to help but things get out of control as they take another scientist hostage and discover that he has a strange secret in his basement. They flee to a large abandoned house where Ian and Grant find them, but they are not the only ones because…

utopia 2.2 3

“I told you before, blue bins go out on a Tuesday!”

Pietre and Lee

What horrific weapon of torture did Pietre have in his very yellow bag? A stuffed penguin! That’s right, our Arby has settled down. He is living with a woman he met down the pub and her wonderfully funny daughter and he is gainfully employed as a plumber. All is finally good in Pietre’s life, and after the heart breaking scenes in the first episode, you can’t help but feel happy for him.

But then Lee turns up (no, he’s not dead) and ruins it all. He tells Arby that they want him for a ‘job’ and no matter what he says; he’s not as out as he thought he was. To protect his new family, Arby goes back to the dark side. The job in question is to kill Donaldson so it leads him directly into contact with Becky, Ian and Grant once again.

However, it’s different this time because he takes on the role that Jessica had in the first series. He rescues them from The Networks assassins and leads them away, out of harm and back on the run.

Wilson Wilson

He doesn’t have much of a part yet although he has got himself a very nice new eye patch and a job offer with The Network.

Our civil servant Michael Dugdale has been put in charge of a bailed out pharmaceutical company  while Geoff is blackmailed into heading up the V-Day initiative which plans to release the Russian Flu vaccine to as many people in the world as possible, all at the same time. The vaccine is of course bursting with the Janus virus.

The Networks goal is to spread Janus as far and as fast as possible, hopefully after they have found out what change Carvel made to it before injecting into his daughter.

utopia 2.2 1

“Well I know I had it coming, I know I can’t be free, But those people keep a movin’, And that’s what tortures me.”

Jessica Hyde

Jessica gets inside her torturers head and plans an escape using a bible, an electronic door, some entertaining distractions and the spring from a pen. It shouldn’t be long now before she’s reunited with the rest of the runaways. Then let mayhem ensue.

This episode is funny, tense, beautiful and cringe worthy, sometimes all four at the same time. The script is fast paced and is full of vile language which you should expect by now. There are moments of brilliant dialogue that will have you laughing out loud but also scenes where you can’t guess how they are going to play out. One of the best scenes in the episode is when Arby and Lee sit down to eat dinner. The conversation is like something out of a Quentin Tarantino movie and when Tess and Amanda enter the scene your heart will almost stop. The possibilities are too horrible to contemplate.

The mysteries for this series have only just got underway and I’m sure there are many twists and turns to come yet. It’s a shame they killed Kevin Eldon’s character off so soon, or did they? That’s the beauty of this series, you just can’t tell what’s coming, but when it comes, it all seems to make perfect sense. And in the end, it always involves a lot of running.

utopia 2.2 2

“Quick, he’s already counted to five,”



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