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VGHS Season 3 Episode 1 – Review

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VGHS is back. And with it BrianD, JennyMatrix, Ki, Ted and explosions a-plenty

VGHS Season 3 picks up very much where Season 2 left off. All is not well with our main two boys, having fallen out in the season finale, they are still not talking. Their desire to help Ki forces them back together, albeit breifly but even this ends in disaster. Both Josh Blaylock and Jimmy Wong play this well, a heady mix of anger, resentment and regret. In many ways their relationship is the spine that supports the whole show and it’s refreshing to see the new twist on what could otherwise have been another season of business as usual. I msust single out Jimmy Wong for his range here, his slow descent into darker territory is a stand out moment in this episode.


Elsewhere, Ki is still fighting her election campaign against the onslaught of Pizza Parties with Wendell at her side. This week she is out to get the vote of the big guilds, MMO and Casual. Jenny is on a chat show attempting to build herself a career post-VGHS (a thread that I imagine will be a main source of tension throughout the series) and The Law is off enjoying his new life at Napalm High School. There definitely seems to be more of a focus on the non-gaming aspects of the world this season, with the actions scenes being used more as a staging point for the conflict, rather than the conflict itself.

Also there does seem to be a shift towards a darker storyline this season, with Ted involved in voter intimation, real-world blood and gore and the fragmentation of the existing core group. This is certainly a welcome break from the bubblegum glory of the early days and will open up some very exciting storylines in they can tread that line carefully. They have carefully set-up various threads of plot that can run the entire series.


All in all, this series is much akin to earlier series and thus your enjoyment is going to vary. Yes, some of the actors aren’t the best in the world, and VGHS does sometimes seem to ignore it’s own internal logic for the sake of the story, but it retains the same heart and good nature that bought it all its fans in the first place. It is still unique in the world of YouTube shows. Nothing else exists on this scale and all credit must go to RocketJump for pulling it off.

A strong start to the internet’s favourite web series.

Notable Mentions

  • The President!
  • Jenny Singing! 
  • The Quest Giving NPC
  • That Opening Scene



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