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VGHS – Being A Teen Is Hard, I Guess – Review

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In which all is revealed and everything changes….

Following on from last week’s emotionally wrought and contained episode, this week we return to the rest of the VGHS world. And the opening scene offers a big slice of history, of why Shane and Ashley Barnstormer have the grudge they do against VGHS. Bonus points for Calhoun’s epic retro hair. This is a great little bit of storytelling, opens up the last 5 years of their story in only a few short minutes, and yes, it can be melodramatic and trope-y but it plays perfectly into their characters.

Back in modern day, the main four return to VGHS to face the demon’s that drove them out in the first place. Jenny must deal with her collapse at the Field Of Fire semi-final, leading to her social exclusion and a growing distance from Brian. In the end it take’s the intrusion of Jenny’s mom and Calhoun (clearly a reluctant but growing father-figure to Brian) to see through the fog of the situation and point them back at each other. The have their heart to heart, each sharing how their parents (or lack there of) caused them to act a certain way, but also helped them see the truth. By the end the are back together and willing to give it another shot.


Elsewhere, Ki and Ted are faring no better. Following last week shocking death and her personal failing in the elections, Ki has withdrawn from her previously cheerful personality into nihilism. She creates a game that can only be played by holding down the keys, as soon as you release, the character dies. Wendell, his ever-hopeful nature shining through, refuses to believe his friend Ki would create such a game and steadfastly ‘plays’ it for 24hrs. Inspired by his unwaving friendship, Ki secretly rewrites the game for a more fitting ending.

Ted, on the other hand, seems to have come to terms with his fathers passing and returns to the drifting club without a thought and is soon embroiled in a prank war against the duchess, a war that soon lands him in detention. This seems to be turning point for Ted, the one-two punch of last week and this forcing him to re-evaluate his choices, the kind of person he wants to be. Ultimately, he gives DK what we wants and walks away from the Drifters….


And then that ending. The Barnstormers reveal their true identity to Calhoun, enact their plan and purchase VGHS, intent on turning it into a Naplam Mall.

And that’s the penultimate episode of VGHS. In many ways it plays out like a board-clearing exercise. Jenny and Brian reform, Ki gets her groove back and Ted starts to stand on his own. This leaves us all set for a final showdown next week, one that will most likely look to resolve the Naplam v VGHS conflict. Rocketjump have done a great job this season (and the last) with building towards this moment, with the inclusion of Shane Pizza, the rivalry with Napalm and in many way, the humanization of The Law. We are all set for a (hopefully) memorable and action packed final.

The downside to this is, like with a lot of ongoing serials, the penultimate episode can feel a bit like filler. The all know the next episode is the one were everything happens, this week felt in places like all the pieces are being moved into position, but with no real action. But, in all honestly, this is a minor gripe compared to the rest of what is good here.

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