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Dean Ambrose To Star In WWE Movies Production

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So do you want the good news or the bad news?  Well the good news is that Dean Ambrose is going to be starring in a movie for WWE Films.  The bad news?  It’s not the Die Hard reboot that we all know he’s absolutely perfect for.  I mean come on, he wears the vest and jeans, he’s a little bit crazy, it’s a perfect fit dammit!!!


Dean won’t be playing John McClane, I guess I can live with that for just now.  So what is the movie and who will he be playing?

Dean will be staring in a movie called Lockdown in which he stars as a cop (screenwriter must be a Shield fan.  JUSTICE!) who is trapped within his own precinct by corrupt fellow officers who are after some incriminating evidence that’s within the station.  Sounds like a variation of Assault on Precinct 13 to me.

The movie is part of the ‘six pack’ action movie deal signed between WWE Studios and Lionsgate earlier this year which will see any of the movies that are part of the deal co-produced by both companies.

It’s not the only movie on the horizon for WWE Films either as in the next few months we’ll have Leprechaun Origins starring Hornswoggle (who hasn’t been typecast in any way…), Kane reprising his role as ‘Jacob Goodnight’ in See No Evil 2 and The Miz reprising his role along with franchise newcomer Summer Rae in the latest Marine movie, The Marine 4: Moving Target.



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