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Published on July 22nd, 2015 | by Dapper Dan


3Bods1Pod – Episode 74 – 74 Ants Died Making The Ant-Man Movie

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Welcome back to the latest episode of 3Bods1Pod. The pod with the bods! Although that’s kind of obvious, given the name.

This week:

THWACK! – 2 of the Bods swear off attending London Film & Comic-Con ever again!

POW! – Ant-Man, Marvel’s latest superhero showcase, reviewed! (Spoiler: We loved it)

KA-BLAM! 50’s comic relaunch becomes must-read comic with superstar creators!

ZONK!  – Marvel’s acclaimed Hawkeye comic finally wraps! Finally! FINALLY!

In the Newsroom:

Plenty of SDCC snippets, including comic stories that caught the Bods’ eyes and trailer talk a-go-go.

What SDCC trailer has been viewed 1.5 MILLION more times than Superman Vs Batman? Find out on the pod!

In gaming news,  Will the final Metal Gear game be the last? Chris discusses the latest development.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the Archer clip from SDCC that Dapper mentioned: here it is:


The Pod will be back next week, with your usual dose of geek news and chat. As always, if you want to contact any of the bods, they’re on Twitter, either on the show’s account: 3Bods1Pod or their individual accounts:

Dapper Dan – Pun-slinger by day. Comics, TV, Tabletop booster by night.

Chris – Games guru and movie maven

Fee – Action Librarian and Marvel uber-fan.

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Dapper Dan
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