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Cosplayer Of The Month – Mimi Moon

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Cosplayer Of The Month – May


What was your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was a Fem-Luigi. It wasn’t intentional cosplay though, me and my friend just wanted to do some sort of duo pair for Halloween, and that’s what we came up with!

What was your first convention?
My first convention was one up in Scotland called Dee-Con in 2013.

How did you get into cosplay?

It started out dressing up as game characters for Halloween. The year following my Fem-Luigi, I was Midna from Twilight Princess. Soon after that I actually discovered the word “cosplay” and it took off from there!

What is your dream cosplay?
Eiko Carol from Final Fantasy IX. She’s my favourite character from my favourite game.

What cosplay or prop are you most proud of?
My Vanille from FFXIII. A lot of time went into figuring out the beaded armour, and I had to hand paint all the white beads as they were too beige when I got them! So a lot of time went into that outfit!


Photo by Paper Cube

What is your favourite martial to work with?
I like working with fur, even if it can get a bit messy! I just love how it makes things look and can add a very tribal touch.

What is your favourite convention and why?
So far, MCM London! Its just so big and loads to see and all the costumes are always amazing.

Best cosplay moments?
I won best performance at MCM Glasgow 2 years ago. It was great. I performed “Sadness and Sorrow” on my ocarina dressed as Hinata from Naruto. Had never performed before and I was so nervous, so when they announced I had won I was actually so happy.


Worst cosplay moments?
My Soraka cosplay had a bit of a flop which I was gutted about. The body paint I had ordered ended up being VERY dark, and just didn’t look right at all. The structure holding my wig slipped, the wind dislodged my horn and overall everything fell to bits L I got free skins though.


What is your next big project?
Well I’m currently working on Annie from League of Legends, but my next BIG thing will be Mine’s Pumpkin from Akame ga Kill. It’s semi started at the moment!

Any tips for new cosplayers?
Just always remember to enjoy yourself. That’s the most important part. No matter if you made it, bought it, or whatever make that costume your own and rock it! J Everyone starts somewhere, and as long as you are proud and happy with what you are wearing that’s all that matters!

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