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Published on April 27th, 2022 | by Mica Rose


Pokémon GO –

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Pokemon GO has well and truly taken the world by storm. If you haven’t been playing it yourself you’ll most likely know someone who has or have at least seen a number of people with their heads in their phones as they walk along. The game all started with an April Fool’s day back in 2012 when Google Maps was used more often. If you too are looking for ways to optimize your phone, see here the sim plans available at Circles.Life mobile.

For those that don’t know, Pokemon GO is an augmented reality app that overlays our real world maps with a fictional world where it’s possible to catch Pokemon. Users have to move around in the real world in order to really play the game; specific landmarks such as memorials, playgrounds, statues etc act as Poke Stops. When a player is in the vicinity of these places they’ll be able to collect extra items to help with their Pokemon catching quest.

The market for mobile games is vast. And as the appetite for games of all kinds on mobile platforms continues to grow, consumer electronics company Huawei wants developers to find even more success in new markets.  For developers, this support can be categorised in three ways: Policy Consulting, Product Localization, and Marketing & Monetization. Huawei’s global support teams can help with licensing and permits, data privacy, tax compliance, marketing services — which include its app store, AppGallery, and ad network, Huawei Ads — ability testing, and, naturally, development assistance when integrating with its HarmonyOS and HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) platforms.

The latest version, HarmonyOS 3, was demonstrated at HDC 2021, and Huawei has focused on improving system performance, development tools, and making it easier for studios to develop once and deploy across multiple devices.



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