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21st Century Tank Girl – Review

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Nudity, unnecessary violence and a mass of throbbing sexual puns; what more would you expect from Tank Girl and friends?

Alan Martin and a host of artists (including Jamie Hewlett on his triumphant return to Tank Girl illustration) bring a new, 21st Century Tank Girl to a comic book shop near you and, well, to be honest she ain’t changed that much. Which is exactly the way that we want her.

Do you find a penis shaped spaceship crashing into a vagina shaped cave funny? No? Then this comic probably isn’t for you.

Tank Girl insert1

There are several unrelated stories in this issue, each with a different feel and tone. It harkens back to the heyday of Tank Girl strips that appeared in Deadline magazine and wasn’t bothered about the conventional comic strip constraints, such as plot or continuity. The opening story see’s Tank Girl traveling into space to find some all powerful crystals needed to fuel her tank. The entire plot is crowbarred in to give the central character a chance to fly into the depths of space in a massive erection of a spaceship. But the plot doesn’t matter, it’s all about the gags and the art. In Space is Ace the writing is witty and smutty in equal measures and Hewlett’s art is exactly what you’ve been waiting for if you’ve been a fan of Tank Girl for any length of time. There’s a beautiful painted quality to the work and an abundance of colour to liven up the action. The art is as garish as the story and packed to the rafters with inner monologues and unashamed violence.

The middle story, Easy, is possibly the weakest element of the issue but only because it is wedged between some amazing work. The artwork for Easy is fresh and provides an intriguing contrast to the usual Tank Girl look. There’s nothing wrong with the artwork. The story itself, however, never rises above tank violence and leaves you with a sense of lacking.

Do you think a competition to win a jeep from a tough nut mobster is enough of a thinly vailed plot to send Tank Girl into space for a collection of smutty gags? No? Then this comic probably isn’t for you.

Tank Girl insert 2

Don’t worry though because the next story, The Runny Man, is a hilarious pastiche of traumatic themed gameshow stories such as The Hunger Games and The Running Man. It’s fast paced, action packed and devoid of scruples. Tank Girl is at her sneakiest and she wears her lack of morals on her sleeve.

It goes without saying that Tank Girl isn’t for everybody, it’s crude and bloody, but it’s done so well, with its tongue stuck so firmly in its cheek that it gets away with it. Tank Girl is back for the 21st century with all her old smut in tow.

Do you find a zombified Nazi called Adolf munching down on game show contestants funny? No? Then this comic probably isn’t for you. Tank Girl Cover

Title: 21st Century Tank Girl

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Alan Martin

Artists: Jamie Hewlett, Brett Parson, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Jonathan Edwards, Philip Bond

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